iPhone 7 Plus schematics leak 001

Differences between the 4.7-inch iPhone 6/6s and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus are mostly confined to screen size, battery and optical image stabilization on the bigger model.

With the next iPhone, this imaging gap between the regular-sized model and its 5.5-inch brethren is expected to widen by a significant margin.

Purported iPhone 7 technical drawing discovered on Chinese forum Baidu by Italian-language HDBlog serves as yet another indication that the flagship iPhone 7 Plus model will be exclusively outfitted with a rumored dual-camera system, leaving the regular-sized iPhone 7 model with modest photography improvements stemming from a larger camera package.

Eagle-eyed readers might point out that KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said as much back in April, writing in his research note that the dual-lens camera system would be found exclusively on the flagship iPhone 7 Plus model.

Holes for the Smart Connector, another rumored iPhone 7 Plus exclusive, are suspiciously absent from the images below, leaked by the same source.

iPhone 7 Plus backplate leak 001

Another feature that could be exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus: a 256-gigabyte model.

Recent leaks have suggested that the unsightly camera bump on the iPhone 6/6s series should remain an integral part of the iPhone’s design for at least another year.

Meanwhile, Apple’s supply chain is abuzz with news that Taiwanese suppliers are prepping to retool their manufacturing processes ahead of production of power-saving AMOLED screens for future iPhones.

It’s highly unlikely we’ll see an OLED iPhone before the handset’s tenth anniversary next year.

Curiously, the Cupertino firm looks confident that tens of millions of people will want to upgrade to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus when they arrive this fall: Taiwanese media said today that Apple has commissioned its suppliers to build between 72-78 million new iPhone units in 2016 alone, a significant increase over Wall Street’s prediction of 65 million units.

Source: Baidu via HDBlog (Google Translate)


  • XenonKilla

    Yawn! Man crApple is really going hard with the innovation these days….. NOT!

    • Your constant negativity in comments here is starting to get old. If you don’t have anything constructive to say, then please just don’t say anything.

      • Jerry

        I’m starting to wonder what Apple has on their side that it’s making them anticipate this demand. One last thing?

      • The Apple logo is all they need. unfortunately.

      • XenonKilla

        ^^^^ True story!

      • XenonKilla

        Get old to whom? fanboys? Tell that to all the people who are responding and agreeing. Man I don’t know why you fanboys always get so salty. You people act like you helped co-found Apple or something.

        This is exactly why the crApple ecosystem will never be what it could because people like you who are just soft as cotton and don’t demand more for their money. You just take whatever cards are dealt to you and call it a win! This is why Samsung brought back the microSD card to the S7 because enough people bitched about it and Samsung knew it was a mistake. Not crApple fanboys though, crApple keeps selling you the same devices over and over and over again and all you people do is make stupid excuses! SMH

      • Shinonuke

        Samsung brought it back because they can’t sell their phones for the life of them. They were giving the phone away with purchase of their TV. Since that didn’t work either, they moved to giving away free VR. Nothing new with Samsung. They had a difficult time selling their phones to begin with. Now you kept sprouting about nothing new “this” and that “that”, but all androids are the same. They come with the same specs if they utilized the snapdragon family cpus. Only thing different between their flag ships is the way the phone looks.

      • XenonKilla

        I can agree that Samsung doesn’t sell as many units as Apple. But the Samsung hardware is years ahead of the iPhone and that’s pretty disappointing seeing as how Apple sells more units and is always raging out how they set the bar for others to follow. But see the problem is that there is no need for them to do anything new and innovative because fanboys will buy their products no matter what. The difference is that most iDevice owners are pushovers while the majority of Droid users are not!

        It’s not like I’m talking shit just to talk shit. I own an iPhone 6! I would love to update to a new device every year like I used to, believe me I’ve got money to burn, but these days there is no point! Not only that but IMO the iPhone is shit without a Jailbreak and that’s become harder and harder to come by these days. I’m still back on iOS 8.3 which is fine with me because iOS 9 is awful anyways. But it’s just yet another reason why the iPhone is becoming more and more undesirable these days.

      • Rafa García

        I got your point on Jailbreak and respect your opinion, however, why always the hate on the hardware that apple has… Android for example even with all their ‘mighty’ hardware cant compete with apple because they have to be on a wide range of brands hence is not optimized. Just google the benchmarks all those are crushed by iPhone. Is seriously that different. I’ve seriously been in contact of lots of brands with android such as, samsung, htc, nexus (lg and motorola).I’m a software engineer currently most of my experience on android apps (which I like it a lot); I cant say anything about Windows phone because I havent used them, but google benchmark iphone vs “x”, for me performance is crucial, material instead of the crappy plastics from other brands using android these are my arguments why I buy apple, we are buying quality.

      • Bob Smith

        Aren’t most of the flagships that are in the price range of the iPhone (or cheaper) outperforming the iPhone? I googled benchmarks of phones like the GS7 and LG G5 and they seem to obliterate the iPhone, at least in multicore performance. Android phones usually have 6 or 8 core CPU’s so those individual cores would be less powerful than one of the cores that make up the 2 core A9 chip. Not sure how this translates into real world usage, but I’m pretty sure that means that over all, the android flagships perform better than the iPhone 6S. Correct me if I’m mistaken.

      • Bob Smith

        Also, I believe most android flagships nowadays use metal bodies. Or at least try to mimic it (I’m looking at you, LG G5.)

      • Rafa García

        I see, then my bad for dont research better , but is fair to say that the majority are plastic.

      • Chris

        That wouldn’t be the case, having more CPU cores doesn’t mean more performance, everyday tasks such as opening an app would only ever use 1 core (2 depending on the version of Android).

        This assumption also doesn’t translate to real world usage as you would need to be running an encryption cycle (for example) 24/7 to even attempt to utilise all active cores in your device.

        One of the biggest problems though isn’t with the hardware itself, but with how companies like Samsung and HTC go about maximising performance through Android – they really don’t do anything.

        iOS and its hardware has being designed to ensure every last bit gets maxed out without loss of performance which is something Android as an operating system still sucks at.

      • John Smith

        Well IOS does a better job compared to Android in handling memory(in most cases), but in no means does Apple “ensure every last bit gets maxed out without loss of performance.” Your iPhone’s are all under-clocked and are designed to not use every last bit of processing power to prevent overheating, serve battery drains, etc. There are Cydia tweaks to increase clock speed, but to be honest it has a big opportunity cost on the battery life. It is all about comprising between battery life and performance. Yes there are ways to benefit both, but at a optimally efficient allocation, it is a trade off between the two.

      • Rafa García

        Hi Bob, yeah I saw that recent benchmark too, looks pretty good! however here we can fall on a time discussion “who was first” or how to interpret that…for me seems inaccurate because gs7 is the one released it this year actually 2 months ago I think, and A9 is from last year, (iphone 6s). It should be making the comparison with the expected year. right? And when we compare in November the iPhone 7 is gonna obliterate gs7 and lg g5. So, maybe we are comparing 2 different timelines . And we always going to have the latest phone to be the ‘best one’ So I can respect that. The main point is that ppl are making a huge deal about ” oh yeah apple .. a hardware that android had ages ago..” –well, you really wanna compare having the same hardware who performs better? that was my main point

      • XenonKilla

        I completely agree with you on that about Android, hence the reason I still choose to use a Jailbroken iPhone over a Samsung device on Android. I’m not really hating on Apple hardware, I’m simply saying that there strategy now a days is to just resize and recycle their old products over and over again. Yeah the current hardware seems to get the job done, but there is ALWAYS room for improvement don’t you think? As a person who buys Apple products, do you really enjoy forking over $600+ bucks on a device that is 97% identical to last years model that you probably already have?

      • Bob Smith

        They can sell their phones because it has flagship like specs, but also an OS that is easy to use and doesn’t require any figuring out. Because let’s face it, most of the population can’t really find use or figure out how to use custom ROMs, micro SD card expansion, custom launchers, sideloading APKs, etc. (I’m an android user, so no, I’m not a fanboy.)

      • Bufonse

        -butthurt fanboy

      • It has nothing to do with fanboyism. You can’t just show up here and talk shit about everything Apple without really making any points besides the typical “Apple is ripping you off and you’re too dumb to see it” argument. It’s ok to not like Apple, but at least try to make some sense and build sensible arguments.

      • XenonKilla

        But dude I am an iPhone OWNER! So should I not have the right to complain when shit is lame? There once was a time when Apple is amazing, but now that time has passed and now all they do is recycle the same products over and over and over again. How does that not make sense? It doesn’t make sense to someone who is a fanboy because they don’t want it to make sense because to them Apple can do no wrong!

      • Jacob S

        I agree with you! In my family we have 3 iPads, 3 iPhones (used to be 4, replaced 1 with Android), one Mac mini with Apple display, 1 MacBook Pro. Also I have Apple TV 3 which now sitting on the side doing nothing but replaced with Amazon FireTV. Threw my AirPort Extreme 3 years ago (piece of garbage). I think I have every right to say Apple became crApple recently. Besides my long list of Apple products, I have a PC laptop with Windows 10 Pro and a Desktop with same OS. I will never buy another computer from Apple. May be I will buy more phones if they make any significant changes to hardware and design. Being an iPhone user since 2007, I loved iPhones until iPhone 6 Plus. (2 replacements still lame).

      • Benedict

        You shouldn’t devalue this argument. “Profiteering” by using a lack of knowledge can be a delict.

  • techfreak23

    Why the hell is Apple going to alienate a certain group of their customers? Stupid that they’re essentially going to force people who don’t want such a big phone but want the best camera to get the Plus model. I understand the technical challenges getting that module to fit into a smaller frame, but I would think the most valuable company in the world would be able to make something work without leaving the smaller model in the dirt. I was originally pissed about the OIS on the Plus models but it was a pretty minor thing relatively speaking. This sounds like it’s going to be a HUGE difference between the two models.

  • Zencowboy007

    So what is the benefit of dual camera lens? Thanks!

    • malhal

      It takes two photos at same time, one is focused on background and the other focused on foreground. Then they can provide a feature like tap the background or foreground to give the illusion of the image focusing. Another feature is to subtract unfocused from focused then superimpose special effects behind the foreground, e.g. falling leaves behind a person standing in front of a tree. Does any of this excite you? Probably not because LG phones have done this for ages and no one has batted an eye lid.

      • Zencowboy007

        Thanks for the info!

      • Benedict

        Also one camera can have a wider angle of view.

      • Jerry


      • tariq

        Im not sure but i think their was a tweak or app that allowed the user to have dual focus mode. So maybe apple could of just taken that idea and just keep one camera. Just my thoughts..

    • Rook HD

      one is a backup so if one camera fails, you can use the other lol

  • Looks like the normal iPhone 7 won’t be getting any new features. Kind of pissed off at Apple about how they make big features only available for the iPhone Plus models. I hope that’s not the case this year.

  • Chindavon

    This is starting to sound more and more, for me anyway, that I might be skipping this version and wait for the next, Which I haven’t ever done! I can only hope, Apple is purposefully leaking out a few versions we’ve seen so far as deflectors for the real reveal.

  • Eli Montoya

    Lol crapple. iPhone 7 just has an added camera and Apple will just claim their the shit. I’m moving to android. But only because the jailbreak scene is gone. And apple is lame now.

  • Rook HD

    Tim Cook… what have you done to Apple….

    I will still buy this phone anyway. And so do a lot of others. Sad reality.

  • Ryan

    heres an idea… they could… i dunno… make the battery bigger… but nooooo they would rather just make the phone thinner and thinner. I loved apple phones, last one was a 5s and the battery was garbage, charged it 3-5 times a day, my oneplus one lasts me until usually 8pm which is when im home next to a power outlet anyway. iphone should get a 2000mah battery instead of the 1300mah stupidity.

  • Sailor_V90

    The iPhone 7 is looking very ugly, which isn’t inspiring much hope for iOS 10 (X).

    • XenonKilla

      Agreed! iOS has looked terrible ever since iOS 7 came out. It just makes no sense to me how we’re going BACKWARDS to all this ugly hideous FLAT look! I guess in Apple’s eyes they gotta go backwards in order to go forwards again. I’m sure iOS 15 will be some huge amazing update that ultimately will look like iOS 6 did lol.

      • Sailor_V90

        But it’s Apple they know what’s best for us! -sarcasm-

      • Bob Smith

        ..and the android flat theme isn’t hideous? It’s not going backwards, there was never a time where the flat theme was prevalent.

      • John Smith

        Yeah IOS 6 looked pretty amazing.