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Following setbacks, Apple’s first retail store in Brooklyn, New York City’s most populous borough, could open some time this year.

That’s because the company’s now started a recruiting process for the Brooklyn area. The store should be located at 247 Bedford Avenue, at the corner of North 3rd Street, in Williamsburg.

A series of job post on Apple’s website, first spotted by MacRumors, advertise positions for Creatives, Experts, Geniuses, Specialists, Business Leaders and management, with LinkedIn ads seeking a Retail Manager and Senior Manager specifically in Brooklyn.

Apple is thought to have negotiated a long-term $66 million lease for a 20,000-square-foot space for the upcoming store. Construction has been ongoing since 2015.

According to The New York Post in December 2014, the two-story brick structure “is getting a whole new look, featuring dramatic, arched windows.” The building now has the facade while the windows are going in, suggesting the store may open later this year.

Apple Store Brooklyn Brownstoner image 001
247 Bedford Avenue, site of the supposed Brooklyn store, is undergoing renovations. Image via Brownstoner.

In addition to its Manhattan stores (Fifth Avenue, Grand Central, SoHo, Upper East Side, Upper West Side and West 14th Street), the Cupertino firm is said to be eying a store inside the Westfield shopping complex at the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan.

In celebrating the 15th anniversary of the first Apple Store, the company yesterday invited media for a detailed preview of its refreshed retail design in a brand new flagship Union Square store in downtown San Francisco, due to open on Saturday.

Top image: rendering of the expected look of 247 Bedford Avenue upon completion of renovations, via The Real Deal.

Source: MacRumors

  • Jayy

    That’s a new look for an Apple Store a brownstone.

    • itsjustme

      that is no brownstone it’s just a regular old brick building

  • Rodney Coleman

    Lol they’ll be getting robbed

    • Rowan09

      Oh no Brooklyn changed. It is no longer gangster to say your from Brooklyn. It’s like saying your from Madison Ave for the most part.

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    • Bufonse

      You’ve obviously never been to Brooklyn it’s not bad at all except for maybe one tiny block in the whole borough. It’s all hipsters and Jews now

  • Martynet

    All I want is one fecking Apple store in Ireland (Ideally Dublin). Is that so hard Apple?