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I went to a wedding in Chicago this past weekend, and I as I was packing my suitcase, I started thinking about what kind of Apple Watch band I would bring along with me. The Nomad Strap for the flight, and the Link Bracelet for the wedding? Or just the Link Bracelet? Or maybe buy a Milanese Loop?

It was the first time I realized the band I am using on my Apple Watch is just as important as what I am wearing.

I ended up flying to Chicago with only the Link Bracelet because that was the one I was going to wear at the event, and it was also a band that’s easy to take off and on, which is pretty important if you don’t want to waste those precious seconds at the airport security check.

Apple has always tried to position the Apple Watch as a fashion item, and even though many people still see it as a silly gadget, I definitely perceive it as an accessory that must match my mood, activity, or attire. Wearing the right Apple Watch band for the right occasion is now just as important to me as wearing the right tie to match the suit and the shirt I’m wearing. It is indeed a fashion item to me.

What’s really interesting is that people in-the-know about Apple Watch and bands in general do make a note of your choice too. My sister in law for example noted that I was wearing the Link Bracelet at the wedding and asked if it was a deliberate choice. Of course, it was. She went on saying that the Milanese Loop might have been a better option for the event. Well, I didn’t buy one. Not yet anyway.

Back home, I switched back to another band as part of my ongoing rotation. It’s still the same watch of course, but it feels different. Each band brings along its own style and attitude. That’s something that is much harder to accomplish on traditional watches because the action of taking off the band and putting a new one on is just more complicated and time consuming.

To most people, all this might actually sound a little silly, but I can’t be the only one acting like this, right? Right?

  • andiebrust


  • Emmanuel Etienne

    link for watch case please?

  • Tim

    I totally get your issue Sébastien, I used to have the same idea. But ever since I got my Milanese, it has just been so much more comfortable than the others that I rarely wear the other ones. The combination of not having fixed holes and the super light metal makes it the ultimate strap for me. Although I sometimes wear the linked one to very classy occasions.

  • All the bands are so expensive, how do you justify the price when you could buy 3 more Apple watches??

    • I know what you’re saying. I typically don’t often buy “nice” things for myself. The bands are like a guilty little pleasure.

  • James G

    I do the same. I have three bands (black and blue leather, white sport) and change them based on outfit. I also customize the faces color regularly too. It’s neat.

    I wish I could afford more bands but $150 per band is expensive! I will be pretty bummed if Watch 2 uses different connectors rendering my bands useless on a new Apple Watch.

  • SteveO_in_NY

    You guys have heard of 3rd party bands, right? I have 5 sport bands (one actual Apple branded one that came with my watch), 2 link bands, 1 Milanese Loop, and 2 NATO bands. All of the bands (with the exception of my original sports band) are 3rd party. Combined, they cost less than 1 Apple branded Milanese Loop.
    Back to the original question: I also change mine daily, based upon planned activity or to coordinate with the day’s clothing.

  • Ethan Humphrey

    In the last few months, I’ve been collecting a few more watch bands, and I fully agree with you here. This is what I think about every day now!

  • Mark Swain

    I always intended to buy more bands, but I haven’t done it. I couldn’t justify buying the Apple bands though, they are very expensive. I’ll look into buying third party bands when I get the new watch in September.