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Ride-sharing service Uber today announced an interesting new feature for its mobile application on the App Store, introducing a Find My Friends-like feature that permits you to track family members on the map. Called Trip Tracker, this new feature provides automatic notifications and the ability to follow along on the map whenever someone is riding under your Family Profile. Trip Tracker and Family Profile features are available worldwide starting today.

To start using Trip Tracker, you must first set up your Family Profile on Uber. Now whenever one of the members in your Family Profile takes a ride with Uber, you’ll be automatically notified with their trip details.

Their progress can be monitored live on the map within the Uber app. The cost of the ride is automatically billed to you and you will both receive a copy of the receipt.

Uber Trip Tracker animation 001

Family Profiles are now available to Uber users worldwide.

“Trip Tracker uses sophisticated technology to bring you peace of mind while your nearest and dearest ride on Uber,” said Uber. “So, the next time one of your family members is headed out–you’ll know when they are on their way, which route they are taking and when they’ve arrived.”

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Source: Uber

  • lol stalkers

  • askep3

    How old do you have to be to use uber? If a parent has this feature enabled is their kid (teenage like 16 years old) allowed to ride?

    • Marcus

      I’m 17 and I’ve been using Uber for a while. I’ve never been denied a ride because of my age.

  • Agneev Mukherjee

    There is a carrier named “UBER” (Check the above photo) ?

    • Jayy

      I know right, either these companies photoshopped it or they all have Jailbroken iPhones lol

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        The spacing in the notification on the lock screen is way too big… i.e. jailbroken for sure.

      • Jayy

        I wouldn’t doubt it!

  • Jayy

    Just like I felt when Touch ID came out I feel like jealous couples will have this as a mandatory lol