iPhone 7 backplate leak 001

Recently leaked images of a purported iPhone 7 backplate have since puzzled technology watchers, who scratch their heads over an additional hole that sits between the rear iSight camera and the LED flash. iPhones already have one hole on the back for a microphone that improves Siri reception and suppresses background noise during phone calls.

The addition of another hole—assuming, of course, that the latest leak is genuine—may be used for yet another noise-cancellation microphone. But according to Czech website LettemSvetemApplem, citing a user on China’s Weibo social network, the new hole probably indicates that the iPhone 7 will support laser auto-focus.

And if LG’s 2014 handset, which first added this feature, is anything to go by then we can expect that laser auto-focus will enable better low-light photography and help speed up the iPhone’s auto focus feature.

Yet another possibility: laser auto-focus may be for the selective focus feature, which would stem from Apple’s Lynx acquisition and the rumored dual-lens camera on the back of the iPhone 7.

Selective focus would permit users to re-focus the image after it was snapped.

iPhone 7 backplate leak 003

Provided the image top of post is genuine, the iPhone 7 should have no visible seams on its back as the antenna bands now appear to run along the top of the device, elegantly tapering off at the sides.

Is this leak someone’s Photoshop work or the real deal, do you think?

Source: LettemSvetemApplem (Google Translate)

  • The pic is not blurry enough to be legit. I say fake.

  • ShawnTXDFW

    Still looks ugly if you ask me. Why not make it like the old fashioned iPhones used to be? Like the 5S? I thought this color went really well.

    • Abhijeet Gupta

      this was the best design apple has ever created.

      • D. Trump

        Couldn’t agree more. That was by far my favorite design.

      • ShawnTXDFW

        Couldn’t agree more.

    • Jackson Grong

      Is it just me or the 6S space gray doesn’t look gray nor white. It’s kinda of a wired inbetween, the color of old people hair. It’s really ugly taking off my black leather case…The 5 was beautiful, completely black.

      • ShawnTXDFW

        Yeah. That’s what I miss. Apple needs to look into making another all black phone. I think it would be they’re number one best seller.

    • Ziaur Rahman

      But that would rip the android fanboys asses apart cause what apple does with iPhones is very important to them.

      • Ziaur Rahman

        And yes I agree the design looks like shit, specially where the camera is located.

      • ShawnTXDFW

        There will always be fanboys. Point is Apple needs to listen to its consumers. Sometimes going old but making things retro is the way to go. Bring back the colors and design in which everyone fell in love with but with all the technology Apple decides to include. This design looks really nice for instance.

      • therealjjohnson

        The iPhone has a lot of colors. The original iPhones were just black and white.

      • ShawnTXDFW

        I know the iPhone has more colors it does now then it did when it originally came out. This I get. But the black was a key color to they’re lineup that they just did away with. This was proven to be one of the best selling iPhones even though the colors were limited.

        I ordered myself a Space Black Stainless Steel Apple Watch when it first came out. Spent quite a bit of money on it. But the key is the whole thing is SPACE BLACK which is a really nice color. This is a color they need to add to the iPhones IMO. Space Grey seems to be the first color that gets sold out now when new iPhones are announced and I’m willing to bet it’s because it’s the closest color to black. I could be wrong but I’d say that’s a pretty damn good guess.

      • Ziaur Rahman

        I personally think that black was the best colour, every iPhone I have owned is black.
        I just can’t stand the white front panel in the other iPhones.
        Even if they go with this design then all I want is a black option too not the space grey crap.

    • Ricardo Mendez

      I agree, best design ever. Espcially the original space gray iphone 5. If they would stick to this style, just thinner and bigger.

  • ShawnTXDFW

    In reply to Jackson: Yeah. That’s what I miss. Apple needs to look into making another all black phone. I think it would be they’re number one best seller. This would be an awesome color with today’s iPhones.

  • Demir

    Where is Sachin?

  • Digitalfeind

    Anyone else use Horizon Camera?? I think Apple should implement that feature into the stock camera with all these camera upgrades. It would reduce Vertical Video Syndrome drastically.

  • Jamessmooth

    I can’t be the only one who thinks the current gen iPhones are the best looking. I love the design, thinness, space gray color. Only problem is they are so slippery! I’d also love to see a dark black iPhone in the future.

    • Jayy

      I’m with you, I love the way the 6/6s look. And yes it is slippery without a case. I personally keep a thin case on mine!