“Startup disk almost full” are four of the most frustrating words a MacBook user will see – and once it appears, it tends to keep coming back, even after the frantic file purges to free up extra space. Now you can put an end to the free-space struggles once and for all with the TarDisk 64GB MacBook Drive Expansion, now 32%.

It’s a near-inevitability that you’ll run out of space on your 13″ MacBook Air sooner or later. Don’t wait for the error messages and signs of sluggishness as your system struggles to handle the data load – you can permanently add 64GB of storage to your existing drive, and avoid system slowdown with TarDisk.

TarDisk is made from an aluminum alloy, fitting seamlessly into your Mac’s SDXC port. TarDisk‘s memory is incorporated into your Mac’s SSD for a single hybrid drive, with a single volume managed by OS X. It’s fully compatible with TRIM and Time Machine for OS X.

Reliability and fast data access are guaranteed with TarDisk’s 4k flash memory controllers, while TarDisk’s UniBody aluminum enclosure will keep your data safe from heat and shock. Give your system a rejuvenating, space-expanding boost with the TarDisk 64GB MacBook Drive Expansion for $99.99. Only for the 13″ MacBook Air at this time.

  • stevefe84

    Even better deal. Transcend Jetdrive is 66$ for 128GB on amazon right now.

    • MrDDify

      Checked their website for the transcend card and their write and read speeds are horrible

      • mickey

        Been using one for the past 2 years. It’s definitely on the slower side for transfer speeds but it works fine as a media storage option for me. I wouldn’t choose it if you were constantly transferring files back and forth with. But it is fast enough to load files and videos off of and a cheaper option than the competition. It’d be nice if it was completely flushed like the nifty but it doesn’t really bother me.

  • MrDDify

    The write question is. 1. What are the write and read speeds of the card?
    2. And is it compatible with macbook 13″ late 2013?
    Their website tells me it’s only compatible with Mid 2012 – early 2013 for the 256gb model they are offering on their website.

  • Jack Wong

    No more Transcend, I would rather use the Sandisk Ultrafit, it is fast and I have been using that for years on my Macbook Air 11″, I don’t unplug that.

    • mickey

      How flush is this on your MBA? Seen it on other laptops and it sticks out quite a bit.

      • Jack Wong

        Yes, it does stick out a bit but i can still put that into my incase sleeve without any problem.

        You can go check out the Amazon customer pictures.

  • xoFoxtail

    Is there a Doctor Who Tardis reference in this somewhere? Even the logo looks like Doctor Who’s. Bigger on the inside or something.