“Startup disk almost full” are four of the most frustrating words a MacBook user will see – and once it appears, it tends to keep coming back, even after the frantic file purges to free up extra space. Now you can put an end to the free-space struggles once and for all with the TarDisk 64GB MacBook Drive Expansion, now 32%.

It’s a near-inevitability that you’ll run out of space on your 13″ MacBook Air sooner or later. Don’t wait for the error messages and signs of sluggishness as your system struggles to handle the data load – you can permanently add 64GB of storage to your existing drive, and avoid system slowdown with TarDisk.

TarDisk is made from an aluminum alloy, fitting seamlessly into your Mac’s SDXC port. TarDisk‘s memory is incorporated into your Mac’s SSD for a single hybrid drive, with a single volume managed by OS X. It’s fully compatible with TRIM and Time Machine for OS X.

Reliability and fast data access are guaranteed with TarDisk’s 4k flash memory controllers, while TarDisk’s UniBody aluminum enclosure will keep your data safe from heat and shock. Give your system a rejuvenating, space-expanding boost with the TarDisk 64GB MacBook Drive Expansion for $99.99. Only for the 13″ MacBook Air at this time.