ios 9.3.2

Apple on Monday seeded iOS 9.3.2 to the public. The official release follows 4 developer and public betas, and comes about a month and a half after iOS 9.3.1. Those looking to update can do so by navigating to the Settings app > General > Software Update > Install Now, or you can find the full version on our Downloads page.

As we saw in the betas, iOS 9.3.2 doesn’t contain a lot of new features. It’s mostly bug fixes—iPhone SE owners will be glad to hear that this update fixes the Bluetooth accessory issue—and other improvements. One thing users may notice is the ability to use Low Power Mode and Night Shift at the same time. Full change log below.

iOS 9.3.2 fixes bugs and improves the security of your iPhone or iPad. This update:

  • Fixes an issue where some Bluetooth accessories could experience audio quality issues when paired to the iPhone SE
  • Fixes an issue where looking up dictionary definitions could fail
  • Addresses an issue that prevents typing email addresses when using the Japanese Kana keyboard in Mail and Messages
  • Fixes an issue for VoiceOver users using the Alex voice, where the device switches to a different voice to announce punctuation or spaces
  • Fixes an issue that prevented MDM servers from installing Custom B2B apps

For information on the security content of Apple software updates, please visit this website:

As usual, folks who are jailbroken are recommended to avoid this update. It will disrupt your device, and at the time of this writing, there is no known public jailbreak for recent releases of iOS. We’re installing today’s update now, and will be sure to report back if we discover any noteworthy differences that weren’t spotted in the betas.

  • Oscar

    Hopefully the Jailbreak will be out soon!!!!!!

    • Elias Chao

      Unless iOS 9.4b1 kick in.

      • Oscar

        Highly doubt it. Apple’s development team most likely putting its effort towards working on iOS 10 beta for WWDC.

      • Sujan

        This could be the last ios 9 update !!
        At this point im ready to sell my kidney for jailbreak!

  • Markieze Mitchell

    As we sit and pray that the jailbreak will soon follow.

  • Tommy

    with our luck we will see 9.3.3 beta tomorrow smh

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      Right?? Its Apple vs the Jailbreak team nowadays. And Apple seems to be winning..

    • 5723alex .

      iOS 10 beta 1

    • Cristian

      I will literally kms

  • Kenneth Delgado

    Is the home screen animation bug still have?

    • LARRY

      Was that the nasty buy when you slide to unlock all the app icons get big than after 2-3 seconds goes to normal?? I had that before iOS 9.3 now it’s gone, I read apple forums and they called it screen stuttering lol

  • Blake Anderson

    iNstantJB tool supports for the iOS 9.3.2.

  • Sonny

    Last week Cydia disappeared from my iphone 6 plus 9.0.2. I’ve re-sprung and restarted my iphone multiple times but it still hasn’t returned. I don’t have openssh, activator, nor ifile installed so I’m pretty much screwed lol. A jailbreak for 9.3.2 would be awesome.

    • Fevostone

      Try searching in spotlight see if it finds it mate. Or if that doesn’t work look for a repo on Safari and find one that will open in cydia that should work for you. Then just updated things in cydia and you be back on track.

      • Sonny

        Yeah, I’ve already tried that and it didn’t work.

      • Fevostone

        So have you tried the repo one that should work. I’ve done it before.

      • Sonny

        It says ‘cannot open page.” Invalid address.

    • Abhinav Chaudhary

      Did you reset your device settings?

      • Sonny

        No. I still have all of my tweaks installed and only Cydia disappeared.

      • Fevostone

        Search for ifile apk file and install that way see if that helps.

    • Jayy

      That’s odd!

    • Charlie

      Sometimes I wonder if Apple secretly updates your iPhone without you knowing or permitting. I have left my iPhone and iPad on charge for a few hours in the evening, and when I tried to use touch ID to log in it says “PIN must be entered after restart” even though I haven’t. I am currently on iOS 9.3 and avoiding 9.3.1 or 9.3.2 as it slows my device down a lot. (Not jail broken either)

      • Sonny

        The “pin must be entered after restart” happens to me almost every morning. I was starting to wonder if my phone restarts by itself when charging over night.

      • White Michael Jackson

        Same here. I still dont know the cause of this. Its either this message or my phone crashes into safe mode every morning

  • 5723alex .

    Update of 1.7GB for an iPhone 6sPlus running iOS 9.3.2 beta 4

  • Diego Milano

    Well, even though iOS 10 is still some months away, I believe it may still make some sense to release the last jailbreak available for the latest iOS 9 iteration before calling it good.
    I’m personally on iOS 9.0.2 and I know I would just hate to run my iPhone without a jailbreak, for countless reasons. If I were to release a jailbreak, I would give iOS 9.3.2 a week or so to settle the dust before doing it.

    • LARRY

      The dust never settles on iOS updates fixes one thing screws up others , I think this is my last and final iPhone Tim Cook is a idiot, Steve jobs done better!! Sorry but it’s Samsung note 6 for me when comes out…

      • Diego Milano

        I would probably try and see if I can get used to it but there are so many things I remove and tweak, especially the lockscreen and control center (especially the latter). Needless to say cosmetic changes don’t exactly make a phone however I’ve done it for about 6-7 years now, I just can’t get over the idea of not doing it anymore.

      • LARRY

        Exactly i think people buy apple for the hype, i did myself but never again it’s not the looks that makes a great device, it’s what’s inside, like buying a car or truck it’s what’s under the hood not just the looks

      • Diego Milano

        While I have to agree with the fact that mechanics and inner quality guarantees success in the long term (reason why iPhone has saved Apple for years), the smartphone industry is no longer just functionality oriented rather a fashion, and just like cars, the look and feel is also an important aspect that captivates the customer.
        Smartphones aren’t made for war or space travel, so design is also important and not just components and functionality. Apple’s move has always been conservative however it’s undeniable they have led the game until perhaps the last 12-24 months, and this is because they’ve always felt comfortable with this trend which -sadly for them- is changing, thus their urgent need of using some of the cards they’ve been keeping under their sleeves.
        Long story short is, give Apple 1-2 years and they’ll be back in the game as they’ve always been. 🙂

      • LARRY

        I hope so im Android for now, my 6s plus is sitting in a box not used iPhone7 not for me maybe iPhone 8 if the do a different design and faster cpu like androids im using a LG V10 and that think kicks butt over my iphone 6s plus

    • LARRY

      Oh got a 128 gb gold 6s plus for sale 300 bucks!! Just want to get rid of the junk!!

      • AlphaPoppy

        Hey I’ll take that off your hands!

      • LARRY

        If you are near Huntington Beach 200 it’s yours!! My lil brother wants to blow it up with a m-80 lol … Its got a shattered screen but works it got thrown a few times no bad for a 3 week old iPhone but was sold to me for 150 bucks from a dude at a t mobile store customer but I lost patience and tossed it around you may not want it lol ,,

      • Markieze Mitchell

        Send it to Detroit and I’ll take it!!! I have a 128 gig 6 but I learned way later that I want the plus version.

      • LARRY

        Not much different just screen size, the plus is no different than the 6 just bigger screen and less battery life your probably better with the 6

      • Markieze Mitchell

        Idk, I just always find myself using someone else’s plus. I think it was the one I should have gotten personally, but I will never know until I truly find out myself.

  • Micke på taket

    Im just here to read the Comments and to let you know that i have grown up and feel that à jailbreak isnt important anymore,, jus njoi My phone n the nize weather yooo

    • Cristian


  • Cristian

    Finally! Hopefully the JB comes now!

  • iltas

    Is they needed fresh restore to be good battery life or i just update through General -software updated

  • TwinSon

    That’s okay. 9.3.3 Beta 1 will be out next Monday to remind us that Apple is taking their foot off the collective throat of Jailbreakers anytime soon.

    • Guy

      You mean Apple not taking there foot off our throats

  • Alex Miamorsch

    My iPad Pro 9.7″ is broke…Error code 53. Can someone help?


    Just another useless update bla bla blaaaaah!!

  • Paklan

    Is jailbreak scene dead already?

  • Furrnace

    Any annoying bugs or issues with 9.3.2? I’m on 9.3.1 now and just wondering if it’s worth it. I decided to ditch my jailbreak a few months ago when 9.3 came out and honestly, I haven’t really missed it all that much (and I’ve been jailbreaking from the iPhone 3G days).