Instgram 8.0 for iOS redesign iPhone screenshot 003

Facebook-owned Instagram today announced a major new version of its iPhone app with an overhauled user interface with bigger photos and an updated Home screen app icon.

“Inspired by the previous app icon, the new one represents a simpler camera and the rainbow lives on in gradient form,” explains the company. In addition, they’ve updated app icons for Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse, too.

Instagram is available free of charge on the App Store.

The design changes in Instagram for iPhone revolve around a new monochromatic look which does provide a flatter appearance. “The simpler app design puts the focus on your posts and keeps your features in the same place,” said Instagram.

A fresh coat of paint extends to other minor changes, such as an updated Camera button at the bottom and Instagram’s Activity button, which is now a heart icon rather than a heart in a speech bubble.

Instgram 8.0 redesign teaser

With more than 80 million photos and videos shared on the service every day, Instagram’s updated look and feel reflects “how vibrant and diverse your storytelling has become,” as per the company.

Instagram’s overhauled interface is now available across its mobile apps for iOS and Android. Embedded right below is the promotional video highlighting the design changes in Instagram for iPhone.

According to the blog post, Instagram’s updated icon style stays true to the camera and rainbow theme. And here are the refresh app icons for Instagram, Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse.

Instagram new app icons

The following video highlights the evolution of the Instagram logo.

How do you like Instagram’s face lift?

Download Instagram 8.0 for free from the App Store.

Source: Instagram

  • Ds

    after updating my Instagram looks the same on the inside… just a new icon on the outside.

    • Jonathan

      Close Instagram from the app switcher and relaunch. Same thing happened to me.

      • Ds

        I’ve tried that many times. It opens up with the new UI for a second and then goes right back to the old UI. I’ve signed out, reinstalled the app, removed all Instagram related tweaks I had on my phone. Nothing still doesn’t want to show the new UI. oh well…

      • Jonathan

        Did you use that Instagram tweak earlier to force enable the new look?

        If so, did you put the experimental settings back to default before uninstalling the tweak? If not, it may have maintained those settings.

        So, try reinstalling any instagram tweaks you had installed, put the settings back to the way they should be in the tweak, then uninstall the tweak again.

      • Ds

        only IG tweak I used was Rocket For Instagram. It didn’t change the UI of IG at all. I try reinstalling it and opening IG and it gets forced closed within seconds. I’ll figure something out haha

      • Jatin

        Same problem, haven’t jail broken 🙁 any fixes for this ?

  • DtownBlogger

    Looks nice under the hood but not sure about the new icon. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a vast improvement from the old one but still could’ve been a lil better. Just my humbled opinion!.

    • Jackson Grong

      A completely white screen is the wrong space for displaying photos.
      Every other site and app uses gray or black, this is the most ugly, especially while editing.
      Other than that this is the worst looking icon of all app I have installed.

      • therealjjohnson

        Thats funny, every Musuem and art gallery I’ve been to presents the pictures on a white wall. How is a white background wrong for posting photos?

      • Jackson Grong

        You’re comparing a museum to social sharing and editing. White is distracting, more on a bright screen then a wall.

      • therealjjohnson

        I’m responding to your statement which said a white background was not good for displaying photos.

      • Jordan Agaran Riley

        agreed lol. there’s a reason white is used in art galleries and not black

      • jaysoncopes

        Agreeing with @therealjjohnson:disqus – while a lot of sites like Imgur display photos on a black background, I think Instagram is going for a photo-esque look. You never see black polaroid sheets- white brings out the color. Sure, some things look good on black, but white brings out the brightest of colors, which Instagram filters are typically aimed at doing.

  • avd98

    I’m not sure about the icon. They could have chaged it based on the old one, keeping it’s core like some themes on Cydia did (Ayeris for example.) Now it looks too rainbow-ish.

  • The Afroman

    look. all i know is, it’s about damn time. it was always the most out of place icon. jesus.. took them 3 years to update the damn icon.

  • Faisal

    That ugly app icon.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    I dislike both the UI and the app icon. I’ve been on this hideous redesign since initial reports of it were out that some users have it. Fortunately I have an earlier version of the Instagram app on iTunes, I’ll be rolling back to that one.

  • Heitor Castro

    Couldn’t be a little bit uglier, Zuckerberg?

  • Blip dude

    Ugh, no thanks. One would think they would stick to the same design as their other apps (hyperlapse, layout, boomerang) but instead they go with bright colors. And can we please stop with the all white everywhere crap already!!!

  • Jackson Grong

    That’s the grossest icon I’ve ever seen, wow.
    Also try adding filters, it’s amazing how bad and unfinished it looks.

  • Christian

    I actually like the icon, but the all-white UI is probably the worst interface I’ve ever seen in a photo sharing app. Should’ve been some options to make it all-black, or an option to get the old UI back.

  • therealjjohnson

    No matter what the app icon looked like or the new layout, people were coming directly to the comment section to proclaim it was the worst ever. Followed by “This is what’s wrong with” comments. Oh…and the obligatory “I’ll never use this app and cancelling my account” comment.


  • Tommy

    Inside=nice! Fresh!
    Outside!=fresh. Ew!

  • ✯Mike✯

    I won’t be updating. Icon is far too ugly.

  • Tom Hopkins

    I hate you it.

  • Douglas L. Warren

    And in the end….it’s just an icon folks….get over it…

  • Guy

    I’m sorry instagram new icon and UI looks like a jailbreak tweak gone wrong. Looks like a 3rd party Windows Phone app. It’s just ugly all around.

  • Kay Dhaliwal

    just updated the app and now scrolling is lagging like hell in the app on my 6 Plus

  • Manuel Montes de Frutos

    How can you put your avatar in the Home page of instagram?? thanks

  • Guy

    Instagram new UI looks like a bad 3rd party Twitter App.

  • Max Delsid

    I’m not a fan of the icon. The colors quite surprisingly make it feel more messy than the old one.