No snoozing

Having the ability to snooze when your alarm rings has probably saved millions of people from getting to work late, but I personally find it to be an annoying feature. When my alarm rings, I just don’t want to snooze and fall back half asleep, only to be reminded nine minutes later that it’s really time to wake up when the alarm rings again.

Up until recently, I hadn’t realized you can actually disable the Snooze button altogether. Granted, I don’t use alarms very often, which is probably why I never noticed this option was right there in front of me. If you’re anything like me and want to disable the Snooze option from your alarms, then read on.

Turning off snoozing is actually very obvious, but for those of you who might have missed the option, here is what you can do.

When creating a new alarm, or when editing an existing one, simply turn off the Snooze option, as seen on this screenshot, then save the alarm.

Disable snooze on iPhone

When your alarm rings in the morning, you won’t have the Snooze option available any longer. Instead, you will just be able to stop the alarm.

I find this to be a better and less annoying set up, but your mileage may vary greatly. If you’re the kind of person who takes forever to get out of bed when the alarm rings, you probably want to keep the Snooze option on.

  • Jayy

    Off topic, are there new kinds of ads on the sites that are being displayed? Or do I have some type of malware? Example below.

    • Agneev Mukherjee

      Although I do not have your answer, I really love your tweaks, can you please tell me all of the tweaks you have used in this screenshot?

      • Jayy

        Theme / UI = Dominion iOS9
        Dock = Rounded iOS9
        Time Widget = iWidgets
        I have a lot more, but for what you can actually see, that’s it.

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        Thank You so much for your overwhelming response, I appreciate your post very much.

      • Jayy

        Settings > Generl > Assessability > Voice Over > Speech > Default Dialog. Here is where you are able to turn on enhanced Siri where she will sound more natrual. Hope that helps!

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        Thanks for the tip, BTW, it worked.

      • Jayy

        Glad it worked! & lmao what game?
        Edit: sorry I honestly don’t know the name of that game!

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        That’s OK, I appreciate all your help very much.

      • Jayy

        No problem!

      • Agneev Mukherjee

        Can you tell me the name of this game?

      • Jared

        Looks like Geometry Wars, possibly? Or the iPhone equivalent thereof? (I know this is a year late, but it’s a great game in case you never found out. It doesn’t play nearly as well with the touch controls though, compared to on an xbox or playstation with a controller – but all users you’d be competing with for a high score have the same control limitation, so it’s only really an issue if you’re used to the “better” versions of it.

      • Agneev

        Played the game. Though it was updated in 2015. Thanks for the reply.

    • I saw this ad on here earlier so I doubt it’s malware.

      • Jayy

        Cool thanks!

    • Hey Jayy. This is not malware. This is something new from Google that I’m experimenting with. It may or may not stay in the long run.

      These units can easily be dismissed by swiping them down.

      • Jayy

        Okay, thank you for the clarification!

  • Scott Curry

    “Having the ability to snooze when your alarm rings has probably saved millions of people from getting to work late…”

    Ummm don’t you mean has probably CAUSED millions to get to work late, since snoozing causes you to get up later than what you intended?

    • Kaptivator

      IMO, he got it right. Many of us that rely on alarms set them earlier than the actual intended wake up time in order to allow for snoozing. So yes, it does save millions of people from getting to work late.

      • Scott Curry

        It’s not the standard, nor the purpose for a snooze button…

      • andiebrust

        There is a “standard” and a “purpose” for the snooze button? Really? Ok.
        It´s simply great to wake up 1-2 snooze times earlier and knowing to have some more minutes to fall half asleep and maybe get a shortfilm of a cool dream starting 😉

      • Scott Curry

        Do you honestly think the snooze button was created without a purpose? Do you think ANYthing is created without a purpose? Nice attempt at mocking though.

        And I’m curious…You say ‘many of us…’ How many people have you queried about this?

      • andiebrust

        I never said “many of us”, that was Kaptivator. I speak for myself. And I like the snooze button.
        But enlighten me: What is the “standard” and the “purpose” of the snooze-button?
        I have my own suspicions but since you know it please tell me

      • Logorrhoea

        I use snooze for the same reasons as SpideyRules.

        So you’re outvoted 3 to 1


      • ^^ this post was definitely created without a purpose

      • Nigel Murray

        Snooze button was created for a purpose, alright. It was annoy to **** out of everyone every 10 minutes when they could just spend some more energy and just turn the alarm off, by that point, you should just get ready for the day, anyway.

        And it’s not like people are saying snooze should be removed altogether, it’s an option for people like you and people like me. There should also be an option to turn the alarm off after unlocking your phone.

  • Kaptivator

    Any way to increase the snooze time? I think it defaults to 10 min but I would prefer 15 min.

    • Default is 9 minutes. The only way to change that is to download a tweak called Sleeper.

      • Kaptivator


  • andiebrust

    Thanks but no thanks. Snooze is one of the greatest things in the morning.
    Knowing you have some more minutes to get ready is priceless.

  • suomynona

    Unable to disable snooze in ios10. It is disabled, but it still shows “snooze” on the screen when the alarm goes off.

  • Samantha Jade Shapley

    I think what he meant is If people didn’t have snooze they’d just turn off the alarm and fall back asleep causing them to be late or miss work all together, yet if they hit the snooze button and fall back asleep it will go off again making sure they wake up.