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Yesterday, iDownloadBlog detailed a cool new one-handed zoom gesture during video capture which Snapchat’s latest update has implemented.

This incredibly convenient shortcut permits you to zoom in and out as you’re shooting video with Snapchat’s camera, in real time. As one of our commenters pointed out, Google Maps has long had a similar shortcut on its native iOS app.

With it, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users can zoom in and pan around in one-handed mode, without needing to use a two-fingered pinch-zoom gesture. Here’s how one-handed zoom mode works on Google Maps for iOS.

How to use one-handed zoom in Google Maps for iOS

1) Launch the native Google Maps app on your iOS device.

2) Double-tap and hold your finger on the screen, then drag up and down to zoom in and out of an area.

Again, this is a remarkably useful shortcut which makes it really simple to use Google Maps in one-handed mode and is especially handy when navigating or using Google Maps while doing something else.

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This gesture does not work on the mobile Google Maps web app at On desktop, Google Maps lets you zoom in and out of an area by dragging two fingers up and down on your Mac’s trackpad.

Sadly, Apple’s own Maps app lacks one-handed zoom: you can double-tap to zoom in on an area, but still must bring two fingers closer together (or tap with two fingers) in order to zoom out.

How do you like this handy Google Maps tip?

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  • White Michael Jackson

    Damn never knew this. Great tip.

  • igobythisname

    Great tip, thanks for sharing! Doesn’t Google own Waze? Just tried it in Waze and it doesn’t work.. 🙁 here’s to hoping they add this great feature to it!

    • ready1take1

      I know. This has frustrated me ever since I started using Waze. Surely it will get there in the next couple updates.

  • ready1take1

    Thanks for the H/T!

  • I Touch Myself One Handed

    Zooming on the map is ALWAYS one handed (typically index finger + thumb). You mean ONE FINGERED zooming.

    • deepdvd

      So you often zoom with two fingers while holding your phone with the same hand? Very impressive. I’d probably drop my phone. At minimum, it’s a bit awkward doing that.

      • igorsky

        I suspect only some sort of primate would be able to do this.

      • :D

        It’s actually not that hard. For a 6S or smaller, you just need to rest the corner against your palm and cradle it with your last three fingers while zooming with your index finger and thumb. I can and do do this – it comes in handy.

    • :D

      Looool your username

  • Saurabh Bajaj

    Thanks for this great shortcut…