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Since its debut, Apple Music has received its fair share of criticism as fans complained about various issues, from the confusing, complicated user interface to a number of design inconsistencies. Thankfully, your prayers haven’t gone unnoticed by the powers that be at 1 Infinite Loop, California.

As reported by Bloomberg, Apple is set to show off at WWDC next month a “more intuitive” version of Apple Music that should be easier to use.

A more intuitive Apple Music

“Apple Inc. is planning sweeping changes to its year-old music streaming service after the first iteration of the product was met with tepid reviews and several executives brought in to revive the company’s music strategy departed,“ reads the article.

The redesign is headed by Apple’s new content head Robert Kondrk and Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor, who has a strong influence on the look of the application, while design guru Jony Ive and his team have also provided input along with Jimmy Iovine and Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president in charge of Internet services.

Streaming + downloads

The overhauled app is said to better integrate streaming and downloads while the radio service should expand. Currently, song downloads are handled through the stock iTunes Store app, while the Music app integrates Apple Music streaming.

That said, the article claims Apple is still struggling to integrate its Beats employees and unite the streaming and downloading businesses into a cohesive music strategy.

These changes will be accompanied “by a marketing blitz”. Sources also said that revenues from album and song purchases from the iTunes Store have remained steady at nearly $3.5 billion, even after Apple Music took off.

Culture clash and tensions

It’s been said by sources that a complicated leadership structure and a culture clash within Apple that occurred after the company bought Beats caused internal friction.

“There were times when they were in the middle of negotiations with an artist’s managers and labels while, unbeknownst to them, Jimmy Iovine, Apple Music’s top executive, was carrying out his own separate discussions, according to people familiar with the matter,” reports Bloomberg.

For what it’s worth, Apple’s leaders are said to have expressed optimism about the new look and feel of Apple Music and the fact that the service’s 1,000 people strong teams are now working better together.

Source: Bloomberg

  • Anonymous

    I really never found navigating the music app hard personally. However, i believe change is good and i am excited fo see what apple has created.

  • Martynet

    I have a premium spotify from my carrier but I would prefer apple music. Spotify isn’t bad, but I hate that “you’re offline” screen everytime I launch the app.

  • Personally, the iPhone app doesn’t bother me at all, I actually quite like it. It’s that damn iTunes though, it’s painfully slow. Moving from Spotify to iTunes felt dreadful.

  • nouseforaname

    hopefully they expand the social sharing and connects/ userprofile aspects, the best streaming app was Rdio in my opinion.

  • queenren

    Apple music needs a lot more than a design overhaul, IMO. That dang service mucked up my music and playlists that I purchased and owned – even months after I stopped using the service. To this very day, I still have problems syncing my own music to my iPhone because of this. The relationship between Apple Music and iCloud Music needs to be fixed. It pissed me off so much that I went back to using Android (S7 Edge). Drag and drop is much simpler than dealing with iTunes.

    • Exactly. Once again Apple is focused on the wrong thing. My music to this day is still being changed from its original version. Some songs are even uploaded as the completely wrong song and it’s friggin annoying to say the least. This issue needs to be addressed before any aesthetic changes should be made.

    • Blip dude

      Holy Crap I thought I was the only one. It took me month to restore the damage Apple did to my Music Collection, not to mention albums that completely went missing after I dropped Apple Music when the 3 month Trial ended. How on earth is iTunes splitting my albums up in 2 or 3 parts is beyond me.

      It still amazes me that a simple drag and drop either requires doing it the way iTunes want to do it, or have a Jailbreak tweak make it easier.

      • queenren

        Nope, you are not alone. The Web is littered with various complaints about it but Apple won’t admit there’s a problem with it when users have a their own music collections. They just want to put rose colored glasses and toute Apple Music as some overwhelming success. Well, it has just been a big headache for some of us.

  • Impreza

    Gee whiz 1000 people working on this. Can that be right, it needs that many people that’s incredible when you think about it. With that much input how the heck do you manage to control that many employees working on one app?

    • Kaptivator

      departmentalization…Its pretty easy.

    • Alex Wilson

      Of those 1000 some are code monkeys, some are designers and some are testers, overkill? Maybe but if they are doing it right there are not flaws once it’s released, sadly that hasn’t been the case lately for Apple.

  • Julio M.

    Hopefully they also separate the Music app from the iOS. Really would like to just download updates from the App store.