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Apple today launched a third update for Safari Technology Preview, an experimental version of the desktop Safari browser for developers to try and test out upcoming web technologies. Safari Technology Preview Release 3 includes a long list of bug fixes and tweaks for various web technologies, including JavaScript, CSS, Web APIs, Web Inspector, Accessibility, Rendering, Media and Networking.

If you already have an older version of Safari Technology Preview, the latest version is available through the Mac App Store’s Updates tab. If you want to take Safari Technology Preview for a spin, go ahead as the installer does not require a developer account to download.

Safari Technology Preview can co-exist with the consumer edition of the Safari browser on your Mac and it uses iCloud so all your Safari latest favorites, bookmarks and Reading List are instantly available to you in Safari Technology Preview.

Release notes for Safari Technology Preview Release 3 can be found on Apple’s website.

  • Could somebody tell me how to uninstall Safari TP?

    • andyr354

      You just move it to the trash, same as any other app. It does not replace the regular Safari.

      • What about files associated with it? I know that some apps (like Adobe) require running of a separate uninstaller app to fully uninstall an app.

      • OS X takes care of associations. When an app bundle is found or removed, a lot of things (activating embedded LaunchDaemons for background services, registering embedded QuickLook plugins, etc) happens automatically, and it is considered bad practice to require installer/uninstaller for apps on Mac.