While most Apple accessories tend to run on the high end of pricing, these two great deals on Bobine iPhone charging docks won’t make a major dent in your wallet. From the car to the nightstand and beyond, these deals will have your iPhone powered up in style at affordable prices.

Bobine Blackout Auto Charging Dock: $29.99

Whether providing directions via GPS, streaming music, taking calls or beyond, our iPhones serve a number of purposes in the car. Safety comes first, however, and hands-free driving is a must on the road. That’s why the Bobine Blackout Auto iPhone Charging Dock is so popular, keeping you focused on the road with a flexible mount for any needs on-the-go. And at 25% off, style, safety and savings merge beautifully.

Simply plug the Bobine Blackout into any USB port, and shape the sturdy black-finished metal cord into any look you desire thanks to virtually indestructible military-grade nickel-plated steel. Calls, GPS maps, audio streaming and more are right at your fingertips.

Bobine Blackout is MFi-certified, and at just $29.99, you’ll receive a full 25% off the retail cost for a limited time.

Bobine Blackout Flexible Charging Dock: $29.99

BOBINE BLACKOUT Flexible iPhone Charging Dock

Dock your phone anywhere with Bobine Blackout Flexible iPhone Charging Dock, allowing you to bend, stretch and maneuver its flexible 24″ cable for optimum convenience. Enjoy full range of hands-free motion at home, in the car or beyond for just $29.99 for a limited time.

The Bobine Blackout fits with any USB port, while virtually indestructible nickel-plated steel cable will keep it from fraying and other damage. It’s compatible with iPhone 5 and up, and fits most cases, so you won’t have to leave your iPhone vulnerable as you top off your power. And while many discounted mounts and cables also sacrifice quality and function, the Bobine Blackout is MFi-certified for error-free charging.

The Bobine Blackout flexible charging dock is currently 25% off.