Hello! Welcome to iDB’s new exploratory ‘Daily Deals post. Here you will find a roundup of some of our favorite deals of the day on tech and tech-related products such as smartphones, tablets, accessories, connected devices, and even video games and consoles.

This is an experiment of sorts, born out of our love for tech and discounts. So we’re going to do a little trial run, and see how it goes. If it turns out to be something readers are interested in, we’ll add more products from more websites, and make this a daily thing.

Twelve South HiRise Deluxe Charging Stand


You know the HiRise, Twelve South’s popular iPhone charging stand. It’s a favorite here among iDB staffers, and we’ve mentioned it several times on the site. This deal is for the Deluxe model, which comes with both a Lightning and Micro USB cable, meaning you can dock and charge anything from an iPhone or iPad, to a battery case, and everything in between.

You can buy the Twelve South HiRise stand on Amazon for $40 (normal price $59.99).

Vantrue R2 Dash Cam 2K With Parking Sensor


Dash cams have become a hot tech item within the last year or so, used to ensure safe driving experiences or as evidence of foul play. The R2 is one of most highly recommend models on the market, as it offers 2K Ultra HD recording, a 170-degree viewing angle, and features like auto record and Parking Mode.

You can buy the Vantrue R2 Dash Cam on Amazon for $100 using promo code 9IJGN585 (normal price $169.99).

Pebble Time Round 20mm Smartwatch – Black


It feels like Pebble lost a lot of its appeal when larger tech firms like Apple and Samsung entered the smartwatch space. But the company is still churning out new products, one of which is the Pebble Time Round. The Round is very thin and light, and features include an always-on display, 2-day battery life, and activity/sleep trackers. Works with both iOS and Android devices.

You can buy the Pebble Time Round on Amazon for $149.99 (normal price $199.99).

Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker – Black


For those who don’t quite need a smartwatch, there’s the Garmin Vivosmart HR. It keeps track of your heart rate, aerobic activity, calories and sleep, and can deliver smart notifications from a compatible device. It’s water resistant to 50 meters, and battery life is good for up to 7 days of usage (5 days with HR monitoring).

You an buy the Vivosmart HR on Amazon for $129.99 (normal price $149.99).

Seiki 42-inch 4K Ultra HD 60Hz LED TV


There’s not much to say here other than if you are looking for a basic, 42-inch 4K TV, it doesn’t get much cheaper than this. It features a resolution of 3840 x 2160, at 60Hz, 3 HDMI ports and 1 USB port. Again there’s no smart functions or Wi-Fi connectivity—this is about as barebones as it gets.

You can buy this Seiki 42-inch 4K TV on eBay for $225 (normally $349).

Remember that these are “daily” deals, meaning some of these prices won’t be around for long, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of them!

  • Jerry

    Love these daily deals! Keep them coming

  • White Michael Jackson

    I might buy that tv…

    • Bill

      Personally, I’d rather have a ‘dumb’ tv and add the ‘smart’ stuff of my own, vs. having a ‘smart’ tv with more crap to go wrong and get outdated.

      • lookHOWMADheis

        i grabbed the 55 inch for 300 and thought it was a steal, little did i know i was the one being robbed!

    • lookHOWMADheis

      Seiki sucks I don’t know what idb would promo them!!

      • lookHOWMADheis

        See, does this every time I try to use a app on the tv or xbox one !

      • Bill

        Have you tried a different HDMI cable? There might be an issue going on with DHCP.

        Ok I just googled “seiki dhcp” and it looks like other people have had issues with devices not working properly with this brand of tv also. Though you could still try a different cable. Seems the reps at Seiki told someone that some software in some models at least was still ‘in beta’.. maybe it’s a crapshoot on which models, that I do not know. Probably a good reason why they are so cheap, though I can’t imagine none of them work… they would have to at least sell SOME tv’s that work properly, you know?

      • lookHOWMADheis

        I’ve tried everything, disconnected everything, they have a company in LA and call center in India the Tvs are cheap, looks nice when it works properly but over all sucks because it messes up every so often, now when I first got it the first month I was happy af now that it just craps out with lines it’s not worth it, the company wanted me to recycle the tv and send them a receipt yeahhhh right fool me once, fool me twice is in effect, I’ll wait the year and use my other warranty to have the tv replaced. F*** seiki

      • Bill

        Oh, that sucks then. But if it was working fine at first, I guess that’s a good sign maybe, at least shows it did work properly. What were they going to do with the receipt from recycling? Re-imburse you for your entire purchase price or send you a new tv or what? I mean maybe they will actually try to make it right.

      • lookHOWMADheis

        yeah i dont trust them enough to make that move i rather keep it for a year let the manufacturer warranty run out and use my store warranty by next year, i believe seiki may be out of business or they may stop making the 55 inch tv either way the store will have to take care of the prob then!

      • White Michael Jackson

        Frick! I bought it. I’ll report my findings

      • lookHOWMADheis

        man take it back before 30 days trust me !!

      • lookHOWMADheis

        give it 2 more months !

  • Anonymous

    Yeah i want the pebble….