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Apple declined to provide Chinese officials with access to iOS source code, General counsel Bruce Sewell said on Tuesday at a subcommittee hearing on encryption. “We have been asked by the Chinese government. We refused.”

Sewell said the request had come in the last two years, and noted several times that Apple has not cooperated with China on that level. Some lawmakers have questioned whether or not Apple has given the country special treatment.

Sewell said the Chinese request had come in the last two years as he repeatedly sought to make the point that Apple had not given access to the iOS software code that runs the iPhone. Seeing the underlying code could allow government experts or hackers to develop new ways to crack through the device’s security protections and access users information.

“We have not provided source code to the Chinese government…I just want to be very clear on that,” Sewell emphasized.

This is the second time that Apple officials have been called before congress to defend its iPhone security since the company refused to help the FBI break into an iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardinho shooters last month.

While that battle may be over—remember the FBI found a way into the iPhone without Apple’s help—the war is still going on. Apple is currently fighting a court order in New York to provide similar aid in a criminal drug investigation.

Source: Fortune

  • Why the heck was China asking Apple for their source code in the first place? They probably jailbroke iOS 9.3 but aren’t giving it to us because they probably want money for it.

  • Why the heck was China asking Apple for their source code in the first place?

    • 5723alex .

      So the can hack any iPhone/iPad..

    • hkgsulphate

      This is the CCP, not surprising

  • Wolff

    “FBI found a way into the iphone”.
    Lets just make it clear: they found a way into the 5c model iphone. Not all models.

    Did China really think they (Apple) would just hand over the sourcecode, when Apple gave the middle finger to a law enforceing institution in their own home country

    • Jackson Grong


    • John

      Which is exactly why the article said “FBI found a way into THE iPhone” and it didn’t say “FBI found a way into ALL iPhones”

      What is your point?

      • Wolff

        When using the term iphone in that context, it impleys that its all models.
        Kinda like saying “what car do you drive?” Oh I drive a Ford”

      • John


  • 5723alex .

    But Microsoft gave the full Windows 10 code to the Chinese government.