Siri WWDC 2016 date

Benjamin Mayo of 9to5Mac has discovered that asking Siri about Apple’s summer developers conference has now started to produce a more concrete answer than before. Whereas asking Siri about the WWDC 2016 schedule would yield a “WWDC is not yet announced” response just earlier in the day, a backend change has updated that answer with the June 13-17 date.

“The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will be held June 13 through June 17 in San Francisco. Can’t wait!,” reads Siri’s response.

While Apple has yet to announce the dates for WWDC 2016 in a more formal manner, other events have already been booked at Moscone West during much of Apple’s usual June timeframe, based on scheduling information available, leaving the June 13-17 timeframe as the only five-day slot available.

Moscone West scheduling June 2016 web screenshot 001

If Apple stays true to its form, we should expect Apple to kick off WWDC 2016 with a keynote on Monday, June 13. WWDC 2016 had not been officially announced on the main Apple website or via the company’s press section at the time of this writing, but we’ll make sure to update the post when the formal confirmation from Apple hits.

At WWDC, we’re expecting to get our first look at OS X 10.12 and iOS 10, see a preview of the next major versions of watchOS and tvOS and be informed about new features coming to iCloud and other software from Apple. We’re also keeping our fingers crossed for announcements pertaining to Apple Music and Apple Pay and maybe even some new Mac models or other hardware.

Source: 9to5Mac

  • Ángel Javier Esquivel

    At WWDC, we’re expecting to get our first look at -OS X- MacOS and iOS 10, see a preview

    Also I hope it turns to iOS X

    • Jayy

      I actually want the macs to remain OSX and i want iOS to be iOS 10

      • Ángel Javier Esquivel

        Well, we can’t expect that to happen, since the latest leak from Apple at their environmental page, with this MacOS naming scheme. I also think/hope they’re going to go for the leap for the 11th version in this one, it’ll be a little bit weird MacOS 10.12

      • Jayy

        Yeah I’ll get used to it eventually. Even at first I was sad when they changed the names of the firmware from jungle cats even though they were running out of known big cats lol. But iOS I hope it’s iOS 10 I feel like with the 10 stamp they will reinvent the stock iOS look! At least I hope they do!

    • askep3

      iOS X makes sense Roman numeral wise haha