iDB app in app store

Version 1.1 of the iDB app was just approved and is now available in the App Store, including the usual round of stability improvements and bug fixes, as well as a couple notable additions. More specifically, we have added a new bookmarking feature as well as support for the San Francisco font, something many of you were pretty vocal about.

Note that we have not yet added an in-app purchase to remove ads. A conspiracy theorist might think this is because we make so much money through ads that we don’t want to include this feature yet. A more rational person might think that it is for technical reasons. This more rational person would be right. In-app purchase is still something high on the priority list, and if everything goes well, it should ship with the next version of the app.

Let’s get back on topic, and briefly talk about the new features.

Bookmark this!

Bookmarking was something many of you have requested since the launch of the app, and I’m happy to deliver on this today.

You have two options when it comes to bookmarking. First, you can double tap on any article when you are in Card view. This will automatically add the article to your list of bookmarks. A little blue badge in the top right corner should update accordingly, showing how many articles you have bookmarked. The second option is when you are actually reading an article. From that Article view, simply tap the bookmarking icon in the bottom toolbar.

Bookmarking an article

To access your bookmarks, just tap on the bookmark icon in the top right corner of the screen. It will take you to your list of bookmarks. From there, you can read articles, swipe right to left on order to share or delete them. It’s that simple.

Bookmarked articles

Bookmarks will certainly come in handy when you want to save an article for later, or want to pin an article where you have commented and want to check for replies, for example.

If you’re going to San Francisco…

Many of you have asked for support for the San Francisco font. Quite honestly, I’m not sure why we didn’t add this in the first place, but regardless, it is now available in version 1.1.

New San Francisco option

You still have two options when it comes to changing the font. You can either do this from the general Settings of the app, or do so directly from an Article view.

What else is new?

Well, not much besides what I mentioned above. A few bugs that you might not even experienced have been fixed. We’ve also improved how the app behaves with VoiceOver. Speaking of which, we’ll have much better support for accessibility features in an upcoming update.

3D Touch bookmarks

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys a good old firm press à la 3D Touch, then you’ll be happy to learn that we’ve added a new shortcut from the icon which lets you easily access your bookmarks.

What’s still to come?

As I mentioned above, an in-app purchase to remove ads is still the top priority, and we’re really hoping to ship this feature with the next update. Also high on the list are support for offline reading, push notifications, and a basic Apple Watch app.

Thank you

We want to thank all of you for downloading the app and providing us with helpful feedback. We’re not done quite yet with it, so please bear with us as we add more features. Thanks again, and now get downloading!

  • Great work with the update!

  • Pablo

    Awesome! Can you make ads less intrusive in later versions? Like not using the whole screen or videos not sounding by default? Maybe the ad shaped like an article (the card view) so you can tap on it, slide it out, etc but without losing the overall look?

    • I personally use the version with ads and I don’t find them too bad, specifically because they don’t happen every other swipe or so. I’ll look into maybe changing the format or making them appear even less often. I don’t want the app to provide a bad experience for sure and I’d rather encourage people to subscribe via in app purchase in the future in order to have the best possible experience.

      • Wraith

        The application is good but when i saw the ads, I uninstalled it right away.

      • Why? The ads aren’t that bad, they’re incredibly easy to ignore.

      • Wraith

        I mean, the ads on the article page are OK but the ones that pop up when you are scrolling through the articles cards are annoying.

      • Hmm how odd, I’ve been using the app since release and haven’t seen anything like that yet.

      • Pablo

        Sometimes I press on the ad instead of swiping articles because of its surprise attack haha. And sometimes I’m on the subway or other public place checking the app and a video ad pops in, without iphone on mute. That’s what I meant by “intrusive”.

  • jgethro

    This is awesome

  • Tom Hopkins

    IPad support?

  • Michel Leist

    Missing a search function.

    • This is a tough feature and tbh, it won’t be part of this wave of updates. That is something that we may look into for v2.

  • Noohar

    Damn iDB….that’s one long release note lol


    Great update 😉
    iPad version Please!!!

  • Eisenhorn1976

    I’m happy browsing IDB on mobile safari but will definitely get the app once the remove ads IAP is available.

  • Stella Vantouz

    If a new or improved feature is a “top priority”, you update it at the earliest opportunity and/or at least have a timeline for doing so. Improvements that languish on a “maybe someday” list, are not priorities. It’s disingenuous to suggest otherwise, especially to longtime and loyal readers. It’s one thing to offer the app, but another thing to present it as useful. I certainly don’t begrudge your efforts to generate income from the blog. I think you have some good, unique content within a sea of much that is not good or unique. But you serve a staggering amount of ads. The browser churn is far more noticeable here than on comparable (or any) blogs. Why would I willingly tax a mobile device with the very high bandwidth overhead? My devices already have several apps that do little more than show me a spinning wheel while ad revenue gets generated at the expense of my mobile data.