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Apple has reportedly brokered a deal with its South Korean frenemy Samsung, worth an estimated $2.59 billion, to supply OLED panels for future iPhones, scheduled to ship in 2017. Citing sources familiar with Samsung’s plans, The Korea Herald reported Friday that Samsung’s mobile display making arm, Samsung Display, will manufacture about hundred million OLED panels annually, measuring 5.5 inches diagonally, starting next year.

UPDATE: The whole article was pulled shortly after it was published, probably because, you know, Apple is not fond of such leaks.

The two companies are expected to maintain the OLED supply agreement for at least three years.

“Under the deal, Samsung Display will supply around 100 million units of 5.5-inch panels annually, with the value being estimated at 3 trillion won ($2.59 billion),” reads the article. Samsung Display declined to confirm the deal, citing its privacy policy.

The article doesn’t mention whether or not Samsung will produce 4.7-inch OLED panels for future iPhones. Prior rumors have suggested that OLED display technology might be exclusive to the larger ‘Plus’ model of a future iPhone.

A jump from the traditional LCD IPS screens to OLED panels would bring greatly reduced power consumption to Apple’s future iPhones because the LCD display and its backlighting are the biggest power draws in an iPhone.

More important than that, an OLED iPhone would render crisper colors and deeper blacks and have greatly improved visibility in bright sunlight conditions.

Source: The Korea Herald

  • Jamessmooth

    Exciting news! Sounds like maybe there won’t be a rumored 5.8″ iPhone after all?

  • Rowan09

    If this is true then I understand the reason for the 7 keeping a similar look to the 6/6S. It’s appears as if the 7S might be a major upgrade cycle or they’ll wait until 2018 to make an OLED phone.

    • If it takes Apple that long to make an OLED iPhone, I’m switching to android then.

      • Shinonuke

        Bye Felicia

      • Rowan09

        Why? Only Samsung use OLED really and it’s not that special if you ask me from owning a S7. The colors are over saturated, I’m just in it for LEDs because of energy efficiency.

  • This is great but why Samsung? Why not LG instead? Just don’t make colors over saturated.

    • Bigfoot Expert

      LG tvs are the best

    • altechi

      I personally don’t mind Samsung Oled, display mate have them constantly at the top

  • altechi

    Weird, because didn’t Cook go on the record in saying that he didn’t like Oled?