Music is now an all-access experience, with various premium services – Spotify to Apple Music and beyond – offering just about every tune you can possibly imagine for your streaming pleasure on a wide range of devices. The only catch to this new musical utopia is the challenge of transferring your favorite playlists and collections between services, a real headache for music lovers who like some variety in their music resources.

Finally, a service has arrived to bridge the channels of premium streaming: the STAMP Premium Music App lets you easily transfer all your favorite playlists to any premium service, automatically searching and importing your music for you. For a limited time, STAMP is available for 50% off.

Apple Music fans will tell you their war stories of attempting to import saved music from Spotify, and vice-versa. But STAMP can help – for example, simply guide it to your Spotify account, and it will attempt to find any tracks you’ve saved to your library and add them into Apple Music. It saves at least 10 hours of continuous work when you move an average of 1200 songs. STAMP allows for unlimited songs, unlimited playlist options, email support and more.

STAMP moves music from Spotify, Apple Music, GooglePlay, YouTube, and Deezer, covering virtually every imaginable base in the spectrum of streaming and premium music services. You can even output your music library list as a .csv! Get more bang for your buck with your music services with STAMP, now just $4.99.