Music is now an all-access experience, with various premium services – Spotify to Apple Music and beyond – offering just about every tune you can possibly imagine for your streaming pleasure on a wide range of devices. The only catch to this new musical utopia is the challenge of transferring your favorite playlists and collections between services, a real headache for music lovers who like some variety in their music resources.

Finally, a service has arrived to bridge the channels of premium streaming: the STAMP Premium Music App lets you easily transfer all your favorite playlists to any premium service, automatically searching and importing your music for you. For a limited time, STAMP is available for 50% off.

Apple Music fans will tell you their war stories of attempting to import saved music from Spotify, and vice-versa. But STAMP can help – for example, simply guide it to your Spotify account, and it will attempt to find any tracks you’ve saved to your library and add them into Apple Music. It saves at least 10 hours of continuous work when you move an average of 1200 songs. STAMP allows for unlimited songs, unlimited playlist options, email support and more.

STAMP moves music from Spotify, Apple Music, GooglePlay, YouTube, and Deezer, covering virtually every imaginable base in the spectrum of streaming and premium music services. You can even output your music library list as a .csv! Get more bang for your buck with your music services with STAMP, now just $4.99.

  • lars

    so you actually tested it or did they just give you a great sum of money for the advertisement?

    • Neither.

      They don’t pay us to advertise products. We do however get a commission when people buy something via the iDB Deals section, which is powered by StackCommerce. It’s not something we hide. We did a post about it a little over a year ago when we started working with Stack. It’s also mentioned on our disclosure page.

      A previous iDB editor also used this app for a tutorial last year when Apple Music launched This post was completely unrelated to this deal.

      • lars

        sorry, didn’t mean to be rude, i was just interested in a opinion from someone who actually tested it 😉
        lately everything is on sale, and most of the time it’s an indicator that something isn’t right. Amazon for example did that to me the last few orders^^
        so after reading the comments, i will probably stay away from this one 😉

        and if someone already useses this, can you give us some feedback?

      • lars

        ah and also, its a very sneaky way to advertise products. because you are interested in every sale they make you will just advertise it as good, despite you know if it is good or not. don’t play their games, it’s exactly what they want and don’t get too greedy 😉

  • mikehuntertz

    Answer Lars question. You guys suckered me into buying the worst pair of headphones I have owned in my entire life.

  • Kubaton

    I’m pretty sure iDB Deals is just an affiliate for StackSocial, so they’re getting a cut of the sales. I’ve purchased a few Mac software bundles directly from StackSocial but that’s it.

    • That is correct. It’s not something we’re hiding either.

      • Kubaton

        Sorry, I wasn’t meaning to sound as if you were. I was just stating the facts for the OP and the fact that very few of StackSocial’s deals out of the multitude of emails I get have interested me.

      • Understood. I try to be very selective about Stack deals we promote in there. Depending on your needs, some of them may be more interesting than others. As a rule of thumb, I only approve deals that I myself would be interested in, or stuff we might have tested in the past. For example, STAMP was used in a post last year to explain how to move music from Spotify to the then new Apple Music. Because Jeff didn’t have any problem with the software at the time, I assumed this was a pretty good deal and a helpful product too. Apparently a few people in here haven’t had that great of an experience with it though :/

      • Kubaton

        That’s understandable and a good rule of thumb to follow. You can’t be blamed for the promotions. It is up to the end user to do their research. What I’ve found with StackSocial is that most of the ad emails I get seem to promote hobbyist items. I sure with I had the time to have a hobby. The main things that have interested me are the Mac software bundles and the learning to code bundles, which I suppose learning to code could be considered a hobby. Anyway, keep up the good work with the site. It’s one of the very few I visit daily.

  • techfreak23

    Wasn’t this free when it first came out last year? I remember trying to use it and it was absolutely HORRIBLE. Barely transferred any of my playlists from Spotify to Apple Music and even the ones that it did manage to grab, it didn’t get every song in the playlist.
    You should answer lars’s question. Have YOU personally used the service already?

    • rortiguerra .

      Totally agree with you. The iPad premium sucks and the desktop version sucks even more. I had to spend 10 bucks twice because they won’t let you share premium accounts on devices.

      • techfreak23

        Are you talking about Spotify, Apple Music, or STAMP…?

      • rortiguerra .

        I’m talking about the STAMP iPad app (and this could be the same for STAMP desktop) and using it to transfer my Spotify Playlists to Apple Music. I have the same problem with transferring songs

  • FrankJL

    how about hmmmm i dont know resting it out first and letting us know if it is worth it? jUST BECAUSE IT IS ON SALE DOES NOT MEAN IT IS WORTH A BUY.

  • rortiguerra .

    I bought the iPad premium service for $9.99; they don’t let you transfer old Spotify playlists, just the more recent playlists. I emailed them and they kept saying you can, but it’s not true. If I could get a refund, I would.

  • Zohar

    Worst piece of software I’ve ever used. Added an entry in my /etc/hosts file to use their proxy to achieve the playlists transfert. The proxy never worked and I totally lost my internet connection on the laptop I installed STAMP on. I had to use another device to look for a solution. Stay away of this crap.

  • Jinbei

    Best I have used is Move to Apple Music. Gets most of my Spotify songs, excluding Spotify exclusives.