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More evidence that Apple is planning to rebrand OS X to MacOS in the near future has been discovered on Apple’s environmental webpage. First spotted by 9to5Mac, the recently updated page specifically refers to “MacOS” devices.

The news follows a March report that pointed to a MacOS reference hidden inside OS X code. And of course the change has long been speculated about, as it would bring the desktop OS branding in line with Apple’s other platforms.

Here’s the latest reference, which you can find on Apple’s Environment – Answers page, in the “How does Apple conduct its Product Greenhouse Gas Life Cycle Assessment?” section.

To model customer use, we measure the power consumed by a product while it is running in a simulated scenario. Daily usage patterns are specific to each product and are a mixture of actual and modeled customer use data. Years of use, which are based on first owners, are assumed to be four years for MacOS and tvOS devices and three years for iOS and watchOS devices. More information on our product energy use is provided in our Product Environmental Reports.

While this appears to confirm the impending rebranding, we won’t know for sure until it happens. It does seem likely, though, that if Apple is going to rename OS X to MacOS, we’ll hear about it at the upcoming developer conference in June.

Source: Apple

  • Kubaton

    I’m a little OCD but I think it should be macOS since all of the other product names are lowercase. We have iOS, tvOS, watchOS. MacOS just doesn’t look right to me.

    • Chindavon

      But Macbook and iMac starts with capital M. That’s probably why they did that.

      • iMac starts with a lowercase i…

      • Chindavon

        Yes, we all know that. I’m talking about Macs always using capital M. And for that, I believe that Apple may think that it looks goofy with a lower case m.

    • DeepFreeze

      It’s Apple TV and tvOS, so I think it shouldn’t be much of an inconsistency when it’s Macbook and macOS.

      • 电天堂

        But then TVOS looks really stupid. Same applies to TvOS. So tvOS, iOS, MacOS, watchOS goes well altogether

  • Makes sense since almost everyone says it as Mac OS X anyways.

  • Nick Greenway

    They already changed it to OS X

    • Kieran.Lillis

      This article is saying that they’re going to change it to MacOS, not OS X.

      • Cal J

        He means that apple revised the page.

  • Serge Tanguay

    It makes sense. X meaning 10, saying OS X 10 is a bit redundant.

    • Bill

      Don’t forget OS X 10.10…which came after 10.9 but should have been 11.

      • techfreak23

        The “X” already stands for 10. You just said “OS 10.10.10.” Before OS X, there was OS 9… People say it like you just did but it should really be OS X .10 or .11

      • Bill

        “You just said “OS 10.10.10”

        That was precisely my point. But for the record, I just say OS X El Capitan or whatever. If anyone needed to know specifically, we go from there. But no one does because for one thing, no one around me in real life even has a Mac nor do I even talk about Mac stuff much in detail anyhow. 🙂

  • It’s no longer there. lol

    • Norbi Whitney

      Sometimes makes you wonder. Do they “accidently” leak these things, and then change them back once a rumours website picks it up. They’ve been in this game long enough to know that we love leaks.

      • Ángel Javier Esquivel

        Finally, a dude that understands me 🙂

      • 电天堂

        Smart. Apple may be wanted to leak stuffs to the world and then change it back once it is leaked lol