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Owners of the Apple Watch can easily find their misplaced iPhone by tapping a dedicated icon on the Settings glance, which will cause the connected iPhone to emit a high pitched sound. I’ve been using this trick since the Apple Watch came out to locate my iPhone, which shows an unnerving tendency to disappear under a pile of laundry or slide sneakily between the couch cushions.

But as mentioned by Mac Kung Fu’s Keir Thomas, via The Loop, you can find your iPhone even more quickly by having its LED flash illuminate a few times when you ping it from your wrist, here’s how.

Have iPhone’s LED flash blink when pinging it from Apple Watch

1) Swipe up on your watch face to bring up your glances and then swipe your way to Apple’s built-in Settings glance, which cannot be removed.

2) Tap and hold the Ping icon on the Settings glance.

This will cause an iPhone’s LED flash to illuminate a few times.

Not only shall you hear the ping, but also see where your misplaced phone is. This is tremendously useful when attempting to locate a misplaced device in pitch dark conditions, even if your iPhone is face-up.

Tapping the icon without holding it produces standard pinging sound, without having your iPhone’s LED flash blink a few times.

Did you know about this nifty Apple Watch trick?

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Source: Mac Kung Fu via The Loop

  • Eric

    Also, it only works if your iPhone is locked. Nice share. I appreciate these tutorials.

  • steve_shore

    How did I not know this? Life changing!

  • I knew about the ping feature, which I’ve used several times, but I had no idea you could actually light up the LED flash too. Really cool trick

    • Paresh Bhatia

      i also used ping so much time but this one i didn’t knew

  • joe_l

    Trick doesn´t work on my Watch… Sound Ping works, but pushing and holding on the Ping icon on the Watch does nothing…

    • Lance Baker

      Your phone has to be locked for it to work for some reason.

  • Nick Sharratt

    Another tip to find your phone – start the camera app on the watch and try and figure out what you can see from the phone (if anything!) ;). This is actually only useful in rare circumstances, but getting your phone’s view of the world can be fun anyhow.