Apple TV Father Time ad image 001

Apple on Sunday released a brand new commercial for the fourth-generation Apple TV, titled ‘Father Time’ and available on YouTube.

The 60-second ad features LA Laker’s star Kobe Bryant and actor Michael B. Jordan and focuses on using tvOS’s Siri features in conjunction with the Siri Remote to “make it easier than ever to find and enjoy whatever you’re looking for.”

The two men are sitting on the couch in a trailer and Jordan picks up his Siri Remote to ask the personal digital assistant to open the official NBA app.

Then, they start arguing over… Well, just watch the ad.

The commercial is quite amusing, here it is.

How did you like this ad?

  • therealjjohnson

    I thought they would play up Kobe Bryant and the “Michael Jordan” angle…

    • Troy

      Same here

  • Jayy

    Lol I like this one a lot better than that Taylor Swift one!

  • 9to5Slavery

    If you can explain more of both actors and why it was a great integration for the ad with the cast that it chose it would help others see why they are so great Christian

  • Nothing can beat the Taylor Swift ad!

  • Bill

    At first I wondered why they said “actor Michael B. Jordan” instead of something like “former world wide legendary basketball player Michael Jordan”, then I scroll down and see two nobodies. Who is this knock-off Michael Jordan anyways? I’ve heard of the other kid. Sports. Meh.

    • therealjjohnson

      Are you referring to Kobe Bryant as a nobody? Lol

      • Bill

        Yes I am. I know who he is, but that doesn’t make him special.

    • SouthsideCripNigga

      So you’ve never heard of Michael b Jordan(been in tons of movies lately) or Kobe(5 rings)? Maybe you’re the nobody

      • Bill

        I have not heard of this fake Michael Jordan, no. Heard of the other fellow but he’s nobody special to me.

      • SouthsideCripNigga

        Lol how is he a fake Michael Jordan that’s his real name dumba$$….I never said Kobe was anyone special to u but anyone that has been outside their house in the past 30 years knows who he is. Ur obviously just some dweeb who doesn’t leave the house have fun with that

      • Bill

        Hey buddy, I know that’s the guy’s real name. I’m not that dense.

        I also said I knew who kobe bryant was. Perhaps you should read my post again.

        With a user name and photo like that, you’re calling ME the dweeb? Ha! Hey…have a good day at school, guy. Hope you don’t get stuffed in a locker for once.