iPad Air 2 Split view

iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan have brought out several new multitasking modes on compatible iPads and Macs, including a split-screen feature referred to as Split View. That term is now under fire by the Delhi High Court which has ordered Apple to stop actively using and marketing Split View in India over an alleged trademark infringement.

The infringement claim was filed by a company called Vyooh, a Microsoft vendor, which owns the trademark for the name ‘SplitView’, reports The Indian Times.

“The Delhi High Court has directed the US tech giant not to use the name ‘SplitView’ in any of its products or services such as iPad, iPhone or iOS operating system after a little known Delhi-based software company Vyooh moved court, alleging trademark violation,” reads the report.

“This order will send a strong message to multinational software companies to respect the intellectual property rights of Indian software developers. It also signifies the importance of trademarks in the software field,” as per court documents.

This isn’t the first time Apple found itself in hot water over using the term Split View.

Back in March, Indian software developer Rohit Singh sued the Cupertino company at the Delhi High Court for trademark infringement of its mark ‘SplitView’. Singh, as you may have guessed already, is the guy who runs Vyooh which has apps named SplitView, DiskView and ViewScribe.

Vyooh developer the SplitView app about a decade ago, in 2006. The software lets users simultaneously work on multiple windows on the user’s single computer screen. Apple has until May 9 to file its reply and has already applied against the decision.

Source: The Indian Times

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    Nothing new, IPR suits have become very common in India, because people have become greedy and seek lots of cash as compensation and they also do it to become famous overnight.

  • This patent thing is complete bullshit. Then again, India’s government is corrupted anyways. Apple will probably win this case.

    • Agneev Mukherjee

      Feku modi sarkar!!!

  • Rakesh Jain

    India would have copyright on corruption also. No wonder if this case goes against apple by means of corruption. Indians trying to gain publicity fighting with apple.

    • isoulhack3r3born

      Rajesh JAIN ? Marwari taking about corruption ??!! What a waste of life !! where on grass root level they are the only ones nurturing it in all of their businesses. Bribing every other authority they can to mint every penny of profit !!
      Secondly You talking about Indians trying to gain publicity?? Dude do u know shit about patients and stuff ?? People work their asses off their whole life or at least a part of it to gain the patient and someone else comes and steals the idea or even the product or name of it !!
      How would you feel if someone just opens a store right next to your store with the same name same packaging everything identical to whatever you are doing and puts you down the drain !!
      You would be bragging about this if Samsung or some other high tech company would have sued Apple .
      Just cause you got a pea sized brain don’t mean you got the right to point a finger at someone’s life’s work & a ethnicity cause after all you also a an Indian !!
      And lastly how did it feel when I pointed a finger @ u ?? Solved the purpose ? No right ? Change is within !!

      • Rakesh Jain

        Did you even go to school for education. My name is Rakesh Jain. It is ‘patent’ not ‘patient’. You point a finger at someone, at the same time point rest 4 fingers at yourself. I’m not pointing finger at anyone. Its India and its corruption. I’m from India but don’t live there. Who are you to judge my thoughts.

      • Rakesh Jain

        Competition is different from copyright infringement. Give correct example Atleast having some relevance. Is the Indian company even having office in cupertino next to apple’s office??

      • Rakesh Jain

        And your name “isoulhack3r3born” go get a real name. Hacker reborn everyday!

      • isoulhack3r3born

        Rajesh or Ramesh ( typo again ) who give a darn when you are and ignorant person who refuses to acknowledge a typo and picks on it !
        Everyone in the smart world knows what a typo is and it is understood by intelligent beings so patent patient patients don’t really matter if one gets the message through unless ur a bum
        You proved my point by saying “I am an Indian BUT DONT LIVE THERE !! ” so u don’t know stuff cause ain’t LIVING here so shut your peehole !!
        So You can shuv your thoughts and opinions where the sun don’t shine
        So according to your saying all those companies who want to sue apple on different infringement (patent/trademark/service mark /copyright) should have an office next to Apple in Cupertino ???
        If you want to expand your business to the world then you have to lookout for all these infringements that you might be doing from around the world cause you ain’t the only one who’s innovating or doing research in tech others are also and might have done something even ahead of you , be it adopting a name “Split View” ahead of you. Want to do business abide with the rules its that simple even for a tech giant like Apple. Let me throw back a question at you , does apple even own a retail store in India ? If you think paying off the government would do the trick as corruption is so much then y didn’t it happen ?
        I was giving an general idea ( bigger picture,patent/copyright/trademark or servicemark ) & it got to big for you to swallow I guess when I mentioned patent earlier in my comment and you started finding relevance cause of your pea sized brain to get back at..
        Get a life !!
        And if you want to know so as to y I missed my school or my name , you can just call your mom !!
        Enough said !!

  • Himanshu Oberoi

    Abhijeet Gupta, Prasoon Singh, Rakesh Jain; Get a Life or best of all Change the nation!

    • Abhijeet Gupta

      1. go get some life first
      2. Go to a patents/ trademark office, youll get to know how many counter applications are filed against a trademark
      3. This is all because of patent prosecution highway in which india has failed miserably.
      4, before you reply, read the novartis case.

  • :D

    What a unique name that only one company could think of and use…