Siri Night Shift in Low Power Mode iPhone 6s screenshot 001

The iOS 9.3 software update includes Night Shift mode that helps users get a good night’s sleep by reducing the amount of blue light emitted from a backlight of their iOS device.

Night Shift is unavailable when an iPhone is in Low Power Mode and a workaround that let you ask Siri to activate Night Shift in this mode no longer works.

As first reported on by 9to5Mac’s Jeff Benjamin, asking Siri to enable Night Shift while the device is in Low Power Mode now yields a warning message.

“Hey Siri, turn on Night Shift mode”

In my tests, asking Siri to please “enable Night Shift mode” produced a response cautioning me that “In order to turn Night Shift, I’ll have to turn off Low Power Mode”.

The personal digital assistant then offers to do just that.

Respond with a “yup” and Siri activates Night Shift mode while simultaneously switching Low Power Mode off. It appears that the change is part of a server-side fix.

Applied this morning, the patch has squashed a bug which, as we detailed previously, let anyone look at the photos and contacts by using Siri on a locked iPhone 6s along with 3D Touch to preview email links in Twitter search results.

Source: 9to5Mac

  • Jose Gonzalez

    Wait did I read that correctly? That is why Jeff left? He is now at 9to5Mac? Hmm…

    • Ángel Javier Esquivel

      It’s been a long time from now

      • Jose Gonzalez

        Yeah, took a look and saw his first post was two months ago.

      • nyangejr

        He’s making videos at 9to5mac

  • Noohar

    Jeff….we still miss you man

  • edwilk55

    I know some folks don’t care, but damn Apple, give us the choice! I run low power mode 24/7, but I absolutely love Night Sift. F’lux was always the 2nd tweak I’d install when I jail broke.

    Even if it does use more battery than Apple would like, let that be our choice. I’m sure there’s still added benefit to running low power and night shift over night shift w/out low power mode.

    And I see Apple yanked the app that would do the same thing so now we’re stuck with either or. Grrrrrrrr!

    • John

      I call bullshit on “running low power mode 24/7”, once your battery reaches 80% it will automatically turn off.

      And seriously, you’re complaining that Siri can’t turn on Night Shift Mode…yet you can still do it from Settings so what exacting are you complaining about??

      • Andrew

        You can turn Low Power Mode back on manually after it shuts itself off. In fact, if you swipe on the notification that pops up when it does turn itself off, you can turn it back on right from there.

      • edwilk55

        John…learn the OS b4 replying like an idiot (I say that because of your “I call bullshit” statement). As Andrew already pointed out, you see how to turn on LPM any time you like and easily from notifications.

        As for Siri not being able to turn on night shift, I’m speaking to the now patched option we had to have Siri turn on ns even when running LPM.

        Carry on…