A better alternative to Word has arrived. Many best-selling authors, professionals and students have said goodbye to Word in favor of Scrivener, a promising app that provides a clean writing interface and useful reference tools, streamlining and organizing research and writing on your computer. Right now, you can pick up a copy for just $22.50, a full 50% off the MRSP.

Scrivener 2 boasts a wide range of features designed to simplify your tasks while writing. Unlike a regular word processor, Scrivener is set up for long-form writing with distraction-free fullscreen mode for composing, as well as a ‘Snapshots’ feature which allows you to restore and rewrite previous versions of your work. Users can also load documents into floating windows above the text for quick reference, and there’s a searchable database for storing notes. Scriptwriting mode provides custom formatting, along with the option to export to other apps, such as Final Draft.

Scrivener 2’s benefits extend beyond text as well, allowing writers to keep track of creative plots with the Storyboard feature, while storytellers can map out their narratives with the built-in outliner mode which allows for a macro, structural look at a piece in progress. You can even synchronize the text of your project with mobile apps.

Get a firm grip on your writing process with Scrivener 2 for just $22.50.