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Siri is now a baseball savant: Apple’s personal digital assistant’s been refreshed in the cloud with official data on thousands of Major League Baseball players and historic baseball statistics. “Siri also knows the history and stats of 27 other pro, minor and international leagues,” writes CNET.

The update is likely the result of Apple’s new tie-up with the Major League Baseball which provides every team with iPad Pros while permitting sports announcers to finally call tablets “iPads”.

Sports fans can ask Siri detailed questions like “When was the last time a pitcher fanned four batters in an inning?”, “Who won last year’s National League batting title?”, “How many career strikeouts did four-time Cy Young winning pitcher Steve Carlton have?”, “When was the last time the Boston Red Sox won a World Series?” and more.

The voice-activated digital assistant now has data on a total of 28 leagues, including the entire MLB minor league system and major international leagues like Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball, and she also provides the latest scores, team rosters, injury reports and upcoming games.

Siri gets this new data from multiple data providers, including MLB, Yahoo! Sports and Wolfram Alpha. These new sports-related features are available now in Siri on the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and the fourth-generation Apple TV.

Game scores and schedules have been available via Siri since iOS 6.

Source: CNET

  • Jamessmooth

    Wow. Gets me even more excited for baseball. GO GIANTS!!! beliEVEN !

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    She also does other sports as well, but somehow doesn’t know who Michael Jordan is…ask her how many points Michael Jordan scored in his career and she’ll think you’re talking about a college football player…lol like really?

  • Gerardo Castro

    Sucks they postponed the Astros-Yankees game

    Wanna see if the ‘Stros can pick up where they left off!

  • Jayy

    Im not really a baseball fan, but this is pretty cool! Go RedSox!

  • misu fotinoiu

    Wow, Who the f cares?