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A month after Apple sought permission from the Indian government to sell used iPhones in the country, the move has ignited backlash from competitors like Samsung and local phone vendors who are now opposing Apple’s move on environmental grounds, reports Bloomberg.

The newly formed Mobile and Communications Council has issued the letter to the government vehemently opposing Apple’s application. That group’s members include the largest Indian phone brands: Micromax, Intex and Samsung.

“Snob” value

“Why even consider allowing import of used phones when import of other used goods such as cars are precluded by 300 percent duty levies?” asked Ravinder Zutshi, chairman of the Mobile and Communications Council.

While much of the discussion revolves around potential damage to the environment caused by improper handling of outdated electronics and used phones in the country, some people claim allowing Apple to sell pre-owned devices there will hurt local economy because Indians “may choose Apple for its snob value”.

If Apple gets its way, India will become the world’s first country where refurbished iPhones will be officially available through Apple.

Refurbished iPhones, officially from Apple

A month ago, Apple moved to seek permission to sell refurbished iPhones from India’s Ministry of Environment and Forests. The application has since gone to so-called inter-ministerial discussion though the government has yet to take any decision on the matter.

“The government could go either way, though it’s encountering far greater local opposition than the first time around,” Bloomberg writes.

Apple’s sales tactics in India

Apple’s sales tactics in India includes removing the iPhone 4s and 5c from sale, cutting the iPhone 5s price in half, filing an application seeking permits to build and operate its own retail stores and bringing 500 Authorized Mobility Resellers locations to twelve Indian cities.

Why India matters

Selling pre-owned iPhones may help get the iconic smartphone into the hands of cash-strapped consumers in India, where Apple holds a minuscule two percent share of the local smartphone market. As many as four-fifths of phones sold in India cost less than $150, with branded smartphones available for as little as $35.

With population of 1.25 billion souls, India is the world’s third market for smartphones and the fastest-growing smartphone market in the world. Apple’s sales in India have topped $1 billion for the first time in the year ended March 2015.

Source: Bloomberg

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    Yep, because they’ll go bankrupt if apple starts selling refurbished phones here.

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    The exaggeration in this post. It is the biggest money sucking company in the world (Apple). They always campaign against Samsung, The Americans fascist media (Some) ruthless Samsung haters. This is a fascism. Stop ur-fascism. How fascist are you? They want to destroy Samsung. They’re jealous of Samsung because Samsung is only the brand, that can fuc.. apple. Is Apple afraid of competition or what? The Apple cowards campaign against Samsung. They’re dishonest shameless and ruthless business media. Apple and their lobbyists are doing whatever they can to destroy shamelessly Samsung in the website when they can’t do that in the market. This is why I won’t use Apple products. Haters keep on hating. Well, that’s your problem. Your only problem is your mind, Let’s clean your dirty mind. how honest are you? how lame you are?. Have you no shame? Not at all. Shameful. Honest South Korean People and Japanese too. How about the Americans?. How honest Is your Country?. Ugly dirty mind and jealous people are?. People need to compliment others more often. I just said.

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      Samesung sucks. I can assure you Apple isn’t worried about them whatsoever.

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    Samsung just sucks. Indians will buy a used iPhone rather than a new Samsung lol

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    Samsung, please stop making even tv commercial 1:1 from Apple’s scripts. That’s cheap. Again

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    Shamesung, please stop embarrassing yourself and producing new craps. Where does Shamesung refurbished phones go??? Straight to e-waste and pollute the environment. People need to stop buying your phones just for this stupid action of yours to stop Apple from selling refurbished phones.

  • Simon

    Clearly he’s been drinking the cool-aid as Samsuck are the most corrupt company on the planet, how do you think they made their money. The only reason Samsuck are trying to block Apple is because they know its another market they’ll lose to Apple.

  • felixtaf

    Considering the price of 5s (about 300$ for 16GB) now, It will surely boosts Apple’s sales in India.

    Refurbished phones for cheap with 1 yr Apple warranty will make any manufacturer think twice and do whatever they can to stop it.

  • Harsh Sac

    I mean, if they make great products and are now managing to sell it at a very affordable price, while all other manufacturers are sitting on their arses all day, selling practically the same phone for years, I can’t believe the government and other law-abiding firms are even considering this. (not that the indian government is a law-abiding body).

    It’s just that, if you really want to compete in a market you should do that with your products and with customer support, not by whining in front of a bunch of old dudes smoking cigars all day