Just Mobile introduced a new HoverDock iPhone Dock at CES, delivering a perfectly minimalist answer to our charging needs. With a modern design and a sturdy, steady presentation, it’s the ideal display charging dock – and for a limited time you can pick it up for $27.95 from iDB Deals.

“HoverDock is the low-profile charging bed for iPhone,” said Nils Gustafsson, Co-founder of creator Just Mobile. It’s also another of Just Mobile’s iconic charging dock which blends the minimalist design and exquisite aluminum craftsmanship together.” .

HoverDock is surrounded by an aluminum ring, with a soft-touch top section, and cable management hidden inside the dock, accessible through a removable plastic-and-rubber base. Cleverly, HoverDock’s base can be rotated to further retract the Lightning cable (though you’ll have to supply your own cable). The dock offers the sense that a Lightning-based iPhone is floating, hence the name HoverDock.

At 20% off, your charging needs are met in style and substance – get the HoverDock iPhone Dock.