tvOS 9.2 software update for the new Apple TV arrives today

By , Mar 21, 2016

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Apple has said at today’s ‘Let us loop you in’ media event that the tvOS 9.2 software update for the fourth-generation Apple TV will launch for public consumption later today.

tvOS 9.2 is the most significant software update for Apple’s new set-top box since its release in October 2015, bringing many features missing from the original release to the table.

tvOS 9.2 enables such new features as support for wireless keyboards, dictation, Siri support for App Store searches, app folders on the Home screen, a revamped app switcher, Siri Remote improvements, support for Live Photos and iCloud Photo Library, as well as a bunch of refinements that improve the experience.

Make sure to stay tuned to iDownloadBlog in the coming days and weeks as we talk more about every new feature and enhancements in Apple’s tvOS 9.2, iOS 9.3, watchOS 2.2 and OS X 10.11.4 El Capitan software updates.

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  • Kenneth Delgado


    • Kenneth Delgado

      Can’t wait to download this…

  • Rubels

    Kodi stop working on IPad Air with side loaded. Not jialbroken. Has anyone seen that problem with new TVOS and sideloaded Kodi?

    • Wood1030

      Yes, you will lose Kodi with new tvOS update but reports are that you can reinstall it, like before.

      • Rubels

        Until I have confirmation that Kodi is working again I will install new TVOS. Since Kodi makes a big difference in using Apple TV 4.

      • Blip dude

        Really?? Because I have yet to use Kodi since after I initially installed it. There was just nothing, and I mean NOTHING that may me say “Can’t live without Kodi,” after the 45 minutes I played around with it.

        I wouldn’t call Kodi overhyped, but in personal experience, it definitely hasn’t “enhanced” my feelings about the Apple TV.

      • Rubels

        Kodi is just a vessel to the paradise of Internet goodies. I also use Kodi to access my EyeTV recorded archives from my Mac. No need to do anything to them.

  • Blip dude

    Will install when I get home. Sucks I have to reinstall the emulators and web browser, but tvOS 9.2 is much needed for me.