iPhone SE big step

At today’s invite-only media event at the Town Hall on its Cupertino, California headquarters, Apple has officially unveiled its latest four-inch smartphone, the iPhone SE. With one-third of iPhone buyers still preferring four inch phones and two and a half years having passed since the introduction of the iPhone 5s, its last four-inch phone and the world’s first smartphone with a 64-bit processor, the iPhone SE picks up right where its predecessor left off.

The rumors were true: the iPhone SE takes Apple’s latest and greatest technology like a third-generation 64-bit A9 processor with an embedded M9 motion coprocessor, upgraded cameras, faster wireless, NFC for Apple Pay and more (but without 3D Touch), and packs it inside a four-inch form factor.

First, check out this short video of the iPhone SE

The iPhone SE has has a twelve-megapixel camera on the back, just like the iPhone 6S. The front-facing camera has gained Retina Flash function from the iPhone 6s, which flashes the display three times the normal to illuminate your face as you take selfies.

iPhone SE specs

The iSight camera includes the latest features like Focus Pixels and True Tone Flash, while the A9 chip’s image single processor allows for panoramas up to 63 megapixels, improvements to video, Slo-Mo and other features.

LTE speeds on the iPhone SE are fifty percent faster than the iPhone 5s and there’s three times faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 18.37.40

And because it has the power-efficient M9 motion coprocessor that can monitor mic input, the iPhone SE include a tetherless ‘Hey Siri’ function. And last but not least, the iPhone SE has Apple’s previous-generation Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

By the way, Apple sold over thirty million four-inch iPhones in 2015 and for a lot of customers it’s their first iPhone, said Apple’s SVP of iPhone marketing, Greg Joswiak.

iPhone SE Price


It starts at only $399 for a contract-free version, making it the most affordable iPhone. There’s also a higher-priced $499 iPhone SE with 64 gigabytes of storage

Apple will begin taking pre-orders for the iPhone SE this Thursday, March 24 ahead of its release the following Friday, March 31. The new phone will be in about 110 countries by the end of May, said Apple.

For more information, check out Apple’s press release and iPhone SE webpage.

Will you be buying this new phone, do you think?

  • Micke på taket

    Biggest fail in history,,, Apple Didnt redesign the iPhone SE…

    • Tarek Al Shawi

      Same features as the 6s for a 399$ , I don’t know what are you complaining about

      • czbird

        Yup. I’m in. I don’t care about 3D touch and loved my 5S form factir back then. Bullseye.

      • Tarek Al Shawi

        See , there are loads of people like you

      • KOZY_Gremlin_Gang

        Lol yall will justify everything apple does no matter how bad it is. I bet you think they’re cool for getting rid of 3.5 audio jacks too right? Hold this L

      • Rowan09

        They make a budget phone and we’re justifying something? They need to redesign it for what purpose now? I remember when people said Apple was dumb to get rid of optical drives on the Air and look where we are today. The 3.5 audio will not always be around and if they decided to get rid of it I’m fine. You probably complained about the lighting charger cable too, even though it’s way better and more durable than the 30 pin charger.

      • TechnoBuff

        How does a $400 phone qualify as budget eludes me….

      • Mark S

        For the same reason we have an “affordable” health care act.

      • Rowan09

        The One Plus Two, Nexus devices are all budget phones and their prices are between the $400-$500 range. If you consider budget a $200 device that’s not really the definition, since those devices are marginal at best for the most part.

      • TechnoBuff

        Please do tell where you got this definition from???
        People make assertions based on their own understanding

      • Rowan09

        If it’s not a flag ship device it’s usually a budget device. If flag ship devices costs $700+ wouldn’t a $400 phone be a budget device? You can buy a phone for $50 so does that mean a $200 phone is not a budget device?

      • Blip dude

        “The 3.5 audio will not always be around”

        Minus the fact that it has been around for a really long time. It’s never been broke, so why fix it??

      • Rowan09

        Neither was making Bluetooth a solution but it’s very useful and more convenient. Convenience is why wires will get replaced for wireless. Nothing was wrong with standard tv until HD, nothing was wrong with HD until now UHD and it goes on and on.

      • Tarek Al Shawi

        I don’t care , I luv my 6s and in sticking with it

      • czbird

        You’re right – I don’t care about the jack. Went wireless years ago. I do however care about Apt-X… But not justifying anything. I simply grab what suits me 🙂

      • Mike

        $399 for 16gb? Not even the 32gb as standard….Plus $100 more just for a bigger memory? I feel bad for the people that buy the 16gb iPhones. They give you 4k but 16gb standard… thats sad.

      • Tarek Al Shawi

        I agree but 4K with 30 fps ….
        I never use 4K although I got a 64gb 6s , so yea

      • iByron

        A lot of people outside of the geekosphere “just want a phone” and I’d wager the market for the SE covers a big swath of them. With iCloud for photos and music, 16GB will be just fine for those consumers.

      • Mike

        iCloud is limited… Also it doesn’t just stop at 4k videos. Even if you download apps it will take up space quickly. 16gb is crap now… its more like 14gb since theres apple preinstalled apps already on there. Theres games that can easily take up 1gb. Its stupid when you have to delete apps, picture, and etc. just to free up space.

      • iByron

        Of course users who download a lot of apps, play a lot of games, and shoot 4K videos probably don’t fall into the “just want a phone” group, and should certainly get something with more space.

      • TechnoBuff

        Not the same features Mate… and i am sure its lacking raw power under the hood as well.

      • Rook HD

        he’s complaining about buying a “new” iphone in 2016 that looks like an iphone 5 released back in 2012. I say that’s a legit complaint.

      • Rowan09

        But it’s just a rebranded phone for new budget customers or developing markets, so the argument is less valid. If it was the iPhone 7 now that’s a different story. It’s even call the 5SE which means it would look similar or the same.

    • To match a worse design? I’m. good with this one.

    • workin

      My iphone 4 is trendy again, now where can I buy an SE sticker? Not so impressive non-design.

    • SkyFall

      Why would they, the 5s design is way better from the 6/6s design.

    • Rowan09

      Why exactly? The SE wasn’t meant to be a new device, it’s for an intro device and developing markets like Jamaica where I’m born. What did you expect an iPhone 6Ss?

  • Harsh Sac

    Faith in Apple Restored!
    They actually listened to us!
    Thank you Apple for making another awesome product!
    I’m so buying this one…

  • hkgsulphate

    $499 64GB 90% 6s spec
    people who love small phones will definitely buy it

  • Guilherme 

    Thank you so much Apple for keeping the 5S’s design. Man, that’s a great phone (same performance as the 6s) and at a great price, lets hope that price comes to the rest of the world too. And that Rose Gold colors looks great! I’m buying one if I don’t like the iPhone 7 design.

  • sinnerofa10shun

    I think the design of the 5s with those specs would have been a smart move if they hadn’t made such a big jump with the 6(s) & 6(s) Plus. I’ve gotten so used to the 6s Plus that I don’t think I’d be able to go back. But this is definitely a good option for those who want really good specs and a nice design in a smaller form factor.

  • rockdude094

    This is good news… I can pretend my 5s is a the se model and make people think I’m cool

    • Picapollo


  • Croak

    I call BS. Yesterdays design with todays technology? Really, Apple? I understand some people wanted the smaller phone back but honestly, you couldn’t just create a new design for the smaller one? Total laziness. Pass.

    • Fanboy 

      Investing into new R&D, along with the cost of new materials, etc. would have driven the cost of the iPhone SE up. The reason they can sell it at $399 even though it has the specs of the iPhone 6S is because they can just reuse the same exterior. Not a bad decision in my opinion.

    • igorsky

      You must’ve been out the day they taught cost accounting in school.

      • Croak

        Accounting, at school. Even if we had that at my school, I would have ditched it. Keep your silver spoons shit to yourself slappy.

    • iByron

      This phone isn’t intended for you. Did you not see the graphic when Cook mentioned that the 4-in phone was very popular with first-time iPhone buyers? And the second one that focused on China where that group was over half of all such sales? That’s who this is for, not the “gotta have the latest thing” geekeratti.

      The 7 will be announced in the fall. Then, if it’s not everything you want it to be, you’ll have [relatively more] legitimate gripes.

  • Micke på taket

    No forcetouch,, and im fine With my iPhone 6s 128gb,, but i think Apple should step up their game Asap ,, the competition is getting stronger n stronger .. The camera and screen looks 10 years old IF u compare IT to a galaxy s7 edge .. Just sayin

    • Mike

      Rocking the Note 5 and my dad has the iPhone 6+. He wants my phone because of how much more I can do on it. They problem is that apple adds one feature at a time while improving the older ones while Samsung just adds everything that is good.

      • Rowan09

        I have an S7 Edge in Gold that I can’t even sell for $700 brand new. Samsung adds too much while people only use a fraction of it. Remember how eye scroll was the future and look what happened to it, then it was an IR blaster, take away SD cards (return it in the S7), 16mp camera or more is the best (now downsized to 12mp), etc. If you look at what Samsung and Google in general is doing, they are trying to be more like Apple, while Apple is becoming more like the Android of old, more open.

      • Mike

        I rather have a bunch of features that are there for my even if I do or do not use them. For example on the iPhone 6+ you can’t even multi-task while on the Note 5 I can if I need to. Plus when you add bunch of features you take some out later because they aren’t worth it. Eye scroll was useless but the ir blaster and sd card weren’t. 16mp camera was downsized because it would take even better pictures at low light. I feel like samsung and google have been the same with little changes while apple is getting new ideas from cydia which cydia has gotten ideas from android.

      • Rowan09

        Google is becoming more like Apple. When Android was truly open source Google did make its own Keyboard which is closed, Maps is closed, YouTube is closed, every Google service is closed, so they are becoming more like Apple. Samsung on the other hand made fun saying low MP was last year and now they lower the MP as well regardless of the Aperture. Samsung has its own store and everything is all closed and very Appleish. Apple is definitely opening up more and that’s expected with a closed system. Open systems are usually more susceptible to becoming more closed. The S7 takes up 8.5GB with majority of junk and that’s not worth it to me, but to each it’s own. I can multi-task on my iPhone that’s jailbroken, but on my iPad multi-tasking is perfectly fine. The arguments for why Samsung is so much better is not as strong anymore.

      • Mike

        What do you mean by closed? They still have google keyboard. Samsung wasn’t making fun MP it was about F stop which helps when taking pictures at night. Thats why they lowered it to have better pictures at night. Samsung has an app store but it limited to certain apps that go along with what the that samsung phone has to offer or deals. Even if the S7 OS takes up 8.5GB you have expandable memory which goes up to 256gb. Last time I check you can get a 64GB memory card for like $40 or less. When you have to jailbreak to get certain feature like split screen is bad. My dad has the iPhone 6+ which has more than enough space to run two app side by side.

        Samsung is better than apple but is some parts. The things that makes it better is Android since you are able to do anything on it.

      • Rowan09

        Google Keyboard is not open to developers that’s what makes it closed, neither is any of Google services. They went to 16MP because they said huger pixels was better and now they are taking the HTC, Apple route. A good 64GB SD card costs more than $40 and if you’re purchasing a phone to just use an SD card you can also get an SD card or wireless storage for any phone. I can have 1TB of storage for my iPhone through WD so that expandable storage thing is no longer valid. I own a S7 and the battery life is not that good, it’s the same as my old S6 Active, the sound quality when talking is horrible when compared to my 6S Plus, the speaker is also very low and its sluggish and I barely have anything on it so it must be touch wiz. The camera however is very fast for autofocus and screen of course is sharp.

  • Jamessmooth

    I don’t get it. People love this old design but hate the bands on the 6? I think this is ugly compared to the 6.

  • Gary le

    What does it means “faster wifi” ? It sems every ios device update includes it. So according to this article right above the third photo it says three times faster ac wifi so does it means if I have 50mbps internet speed then I will get 3×50=150 mbps speed with this new iphone se? Im confused.

    • Rowan09

      No it will accept speeds from AC routers. Not all phones can do it. I believe all top tier phones can.

  • #tihor

    If I’m gonna buy an SE..it DEFINITELY going to be a rose gold one !

    I don’t want people to think that I’m carrying an old iPhone around !

    • What would it matter to you what people think?

      • Al Fresco

        exactly. space grey all the way

  • TornBodies

    i loved my 5s before i went to the 6 plus i love all the stuff they threw into the 5se hey siri new camera the only thing keeping me from going back is the battery life

    • Al Fresco

      I’m still using my 5s. I paid $50 for a new battery and it lasts two days again. I learned not to charge it from an iPad block and it’s holding up fine. That said I’m gonna wait till September, if I don’t like the 7 i will buy the 5se. A lot of people base their battery woes on an end of life charge holding capacity of their 5 or 5s, which was admitedly poor. If you charge your phone lots of cycles, sometimes it makes sense to switch it out every so often.

  • ravinigga

    I think Apple will sell a lot of these cheap 399 phones.
    Don’t know about 16gb (I’m 128gb) but still good start.

  • Fardeen Beharry

    the iphone 5s had the best design of any iphone period, so comfortable and does not slip from your hands like a bar of soap like the 6s, what are u complaining about.

  • David Pomerleau

    Wondering how the battery compares to 6s and 6s plus. Does smaller screen mean more efficiency and better battery than iPhone 6s?

  • aw81

    Bit of a shame its not got force touch but can’t have everything.
    Im pleased they have a smaller phone now for those of us that don’t want a huge monolith in our pockets.
    Id been slowly losing my interest in apple products after a few of my old macbook pro that used to “just work” stopped working after el capitan but ill be upgrading my 5s to one of these as soon as I can.

  • Sigit

    What about Ram? 1Gb or 2.

    • czbird

      2gb in SE, they say…

  • Green Diamond

    Why doesn’t it use second-generation fingerprint sensor ???

    • Rowan09

      Can’t produce enough and they need it for the iPhone 7.

  • kespiritu

    This is great, iPhone 6s specs with my favorite iPhone design of all time is awesome! Smart decision by apple! The phone will be super quick due to the lower res screen :). Can’t wait!!

  • Marc

    This is silly but I really want the SE wallpapers. I’m hoping they get embedded into the new 9.3 update or somebody uploads them somewhere.

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Dumbest move Apple ever could have dreamt up. Omfg, Fail much?

    • iByron

      You weren’t paying attention to the keynote, were you?


  • GTA 5

    Lol apple recycled old iPhone 5/5S shells kudos for being green

  • n0ahcruz3

    1.2mp or 5mp for the front cam?

  • TheDarxide

    All the bitching about design, don’t like it, don’t buy it… iPhone 5 -> 5S, gotta buy new cases? nope.. iPhone 5S -> SE, gotta buy new cases? nope. Love your iPhone 5S, but want the cool new tech, here it is. Hate the bands on the back?, umm, buy a case? Love the bigger form of the 6/6S/6plus/6Splus, not going to go backwards.. umm, then don’t buy an iPhone SE?

  • TechnoBuff

    It is amazing how people are actually ecstatic about this……….
    This is plain laziness on Apple’s part… recycling the same a 3 year old design as a new product and people will actually buy this……
    It is even lacking force touch….. No other manufacturer can get away with this sort of laziness except Apple.

  • TheDarxide

    Apple can’t please everyone, but they sure come close.

  • I’m just confused why they would release this and better yet who asked for it?? Seems like another waste, just like the 5c was.

  • xoFoxtail

    Not sure if I should get rid of my 6s for this. I love 3D Touch, but the 6s is a tad bit big for my hands. The 5S was a great size, very light and perfect for me.

    I just know I’ll want to upgrade to the 7 when that comes out though.

  • askep3

    I can’t believe it’s only $400 the 5c was such a rip off compared to this, it had hardware from the year before and was plastic, and only $100 down from the 5s.

    This phone is $250 less than the 6s, and the only thing missing is 3D Touch, and also the screen is smaller but that’s probably something the buyer wants, if they are choosing this phone.

  • Benedict

    THIS is sad. Unbelievable to use a 4 year old design for a new product. Biggest flop ever. Nobody will buy this.

    • J™

      Nothing to feel sad about.
      One man’s meat is another’s poison
      Will anybody buy this? We shall see.

  • Benedict

    Apple had finally to admit prior to their claim over the years, that their product line suffered from a lack of choices.

  • mwpitt52

    Without a dual sim will not go far in emerging markets. Apple needs to stop producing 16 gig phones.

  • Scott Curry

    I only want to know if it feels plastic-y. I LOVED the size and feel of my 5s and HATE the design of the 6, but had to upgrade for reasons beyond my control. If this feels like the strong casing the 5 and 5s had, I’m all about it. And to all of you Android fanboys, just GTFO….seriously….No need for your crap this morning. K? Thanks.

    • Harsh Sac

      i believe it has the exact same body and design as the 5S, will all aluminum and metal all over, so I think you’re golden…

  • rajuu

    Apple RIP waste of timing its worthless Tim Cook SE its not budget phone but for contract ppl its should be budget phone if we keep 4k to 5k iphone 6 64gb is avaliable for 41,000 wastage keeping 39,000 that to 16gb on SE

  • Harsh Sac

    This article says, “And last but not least, the iPhone SE has Apple’s latest-generation Touch ID fingerprint sensor.”

    But I find many other sources telling that it sports the older, i6 sensor which is slower! Could you please confirm this Christain?