Apple Store Offline March 2016 event

Apple is holding its iPhone SE media event in a few hours and like clockwork, the company’s online stores around the world have gone offline in anticipation of new products. The company has also changed the wording of a webpage that appears when the Apple Online Stores goes offline. “We can’t wait to show you what we have in store,” Apple’s message reads.

“Our virtual doors are just about to open,” the message continues.

“Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and your patience as we work to get everyone in as quickly as possible.”

Customers around the world are greeted with that message when they attempt to visit their local Apple Online Store or click the Buy button on product pages.

Apple advises would-be buyers to keep checking back, “because it won’t be long now” before the online store is back online. Apple typically refreshes the online store with brand new products shortly after wrapping up its media events.

For those wondering, the average Apple Online Store downtime is about three hours and ten minutes.

For an overview of new products and software we fully expect to see unveiled at today’s presser, check out our comprehensive roundup.

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    Incredible how they can’t add or remove products without taking it offline

    • taborneighbor

      They aren’t just “adding products.” They consistently design new pages to feature new products and these new pages require massive proofreading, language localisation, testing on live servers instead of dev servers, and multiple regions in multiple timezones all have to go live at the same time. I’m sure the multi-billion dollar company wants everything to be better than perfect before they show off their newest products – they only have a few chances each year. Gotta be perfect.

      • Amit

        Plus, there’s hype!

  • Aaron Perris

    ” the company’s offline stores around the world have gone offline”