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Instagram lovers, if you’ve also got a jailbreak at your fingertips, then you won’t want to miss out on a chance to download a new free jailbreak tweak called Rocket for Instagram from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

Rocket for Instagram provides Instagram users with a slew of new features that Instagram themselves have failed to provide for years. In this piece, we’ll briefly go over some of the new features with you.

Rocket for Instagram – an Instagram user’s dream tweak

Rocket for Instagram could be categorized as an Instagram user’s dream tweak, because it’s going to let you do things that the photo and video sharing social network probably doesn’t want you to do, but nevertheless they’re things you, the user, have wanted for a long time.

rocket for instagram review 1

Among the new features Rocket for Instagram brings to the table are:

  • Save any photo or video shared on Instagram to your Camera Roll
  • Tap and hold on any photo or video on to view a higher resolution of it
  • Double-tap on a user’s profile picture (private or not) to see it in full-screen
  • Mute and un-mute users from showing up in your Instagram feed
  • Hide sponsored posts from appearing in your Instagram feed
  • Show on a user’s profile whether or not they’re following you
  • Share images from Instagram with an iOS share sheet anywhere you’d like
  • Read direct messages sent to you without letting the sender know you read it
  • Toggle between grid and list view with the tap of a button
  • Confirm liking a photo before the like goes through (prevents accidental likes)
  • See full time stamps of posts by tapping on the time estimates
  • Spoof Instagram statistics (for yourself only, no one else can see your spoofs)
  • Easily re-post content from your Instagram feed
  • Zoom in and out of photos in your Instagram feed

In addition, another feature noted to be in the tweak is a new way to promote your own content so you can get more likes. Dubbed ‘Rocket,’ the feature adds a new red button to the bottom of your Instagram app where you can enter the hub for liking other people’s promoted content, and earn points towards promoting your own content.

Configuring Rocket for Instagram

The tweak doesn’t add a traditional preferences pane to the Settings app like most tweaks do; instead, it adds its settings directly to the Instagram app itself. Simply go to your Instagram profile and tap on the Settings cog to launch the Instagram settings, and then tap on the Configuration preferences pane in the Settings list to access all of your options for Rocket for Instagram:

rocket for instagram options to configure

From the options, you can:

  • Hide or show the download button for photos and videos in Instagram
  • Enable or disable automatically selecting the highest quality
  • Hide or show the re-posting button in your Instagram feed
  • Enable or disable tapping and holding to zoom into Instagram feed photos
  • Enable or disable the grid/list toggle button
  • Hide or show sponsored posts in your Instagram feed
  • Enable or disable having to confirm an alert when you like a photo or video
  • Enable or disable other user accounts showing if they follow you or not
  • Enable or disable tapping and holding on a profile picture to see it in full screen
  • Hide or show the mute button for your Instagram news feed
  • Manage your mute blacklist
  • Enable or disable read receipts for direct messages from Instagram users
  • Enable or disable spoofing for verified profile/followers/following/media

My thoughts on Rocket for Instagram

Rocket for Instagram looks like a solid jailbreak tweak release for the App Store’s free Instagram app. If you’re into Instagram, and you’re jailbroken, I would recommend you check the tweak out. On the other hand, Instagram ++, which is also free in Cydia, offers pretty much all of the same features, but lacks the hub for attracting more likes for your photos.

Many of the features that come with the tweak are going to be useful for those who manage multiple accounts, such as those that need to be re-sharing content for users, or need a quick way to see if someone has followed you back or not.

I find that the ability to disable read receipts, save media from my Instagram feed, zoom in on profile pictures, and zoom in on Instagram feed pictures are all useful features that I would easily use on a daily basis and many other Instagram lovers will enjoy as well.

Wrapping up

If you’re an Instagram user looking to enhance your abilities within the app and obtain features that no stock user is ever going to get, Rocket for Instagram could be your new best friend. It’s available as a free download in Cydia’s BigBoss repository right now, and of course, it also requires that you have the free Instagram app installed from the App Store.

What are your thoughts on Rocket for Instagram? Share in the comments below.

  • Leonardo Caldas

    Tweaks bring to users the experience they were supposed to have out of the box.

  • Mallowigi

    Is there a way to upload multiple images at once?

  • dnice

    wish you could remove the rocket button tho.

  • Ja1lBreak K1nG

    How is this compared to instagram++??

    • It looks as though they’re pretty similar. This tweak offers the new Rocket function in the tab bar, which lets you accumulate more likes on photos.

  • vadovado

    Instragam++ doing the same thing since last year

    • workin

      Instagram++ is same but free version ads are too annoying. All these app tweaks make ig a bit complicated, convoluted but need these extra functions

  • Norbi Whitney

    A vote for InstaBetter here. Perfect integration, tons of options, and updates within seconds of the new Instagram updates, to keep things working.

    • workin

      Like instabetter but it seems to error on web links found in ig

      • workin

        I liked instahancer until it made ig crash, but maybe it’s been updated?

      • workin

        …aand instabetter gets deleted, crashes ig too much, web links or share button crash ig

  • port87

    just hope the dev stays updated, or ill just use appsync to downgrade the app.

    • Instead of using a tool used commonly for piracy, why don’t you just avoid updating the Instagram app?

      • AndreG

        Also the tweak App Admin, is an excellent tweak that allows you to upgrade/downgrade to a specific app version of your choice. I use it for Instagram, along with the tweak RevealMenu. That way the peek and pop feature will still work on Instagrams old version versus the latest version.

      • sg1969

        the Internet is a tool commonly used for piracy. Do you suggest we stop using it?
        What an idiotic comment in the same league as those who brand bittorrent tech as “evil”… (yes i know appsync is associated with appcake which is used for piracy but that’s not what @port87 was talking about)

  • Alaric

    Sounds like InstaBetter..actually, a ripoff!

  • tiltdown

    OT: do snapchat have notification for certain user?

  • Stevie

    Ig crashes when I go into settings, anyone know why?

  • raju