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Popular YouTube channel Unbox Therapy on Thursday posted a hands-on video with an alleged case for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7.

While we have already seen a fair share of purported cases for the forthcoming smartphone refresh, the quality of this particular video gives us a much closer look at some of the design changes the iPhone 7 is said to bring to the table.

Like prior leaks, this particular case appears to confirm the general layout of the buttons on the iPhone 7, with the exception of one thing that stands out in particular.

And that is a large cutout on the back, presumably to accommodate a rumored dual-camera lens. Aside from that, the position and size of the volume rocker and the Power/Sleep button resembles that on the iPhone 6/6s generation.

Though the case fits the iPhone 6s perfectly, the camera cutout on the back does not line up perfectly with the location of the iSight camera on the current-generation iPhone.

The suspicious looking cutout for headphone jack is not large enough to actually accommodate the EarPods connector, a yet another indication that the next iPhone might actually lose the 3.5mm jack in favor of Lightning-based wired and Bluetooth-based wireless headsets.

And here’s the video.

The supposed case for the iPhone 7, provided by prolific Apple components leaker Sonny Dickson, is based on iPhone 7 mockups and rumors and as such should be taken with a grain of salt.

In addition to this iPhone 7 case, the video shows off yet another case, allegedly for Apple’s upcoming four-inch iPhone SE refresh. That case has circular-shaped cutouts for the volume buttons, suggesting that the iPhone SE might feature a rehashed iPhone 5s design that some rumors have mentioned before.

The iPhone SE is said to include NFC for Apple Pay, LTE support for GSM and CDMA networks around the world and come in 16 and 64GB varieties, if a claimed packaging for the device that leaked this morning is anything to go by.

It’s also said to share the iPhone 6s’s cutting-edge A9 processor, but lack 3D Touch.

Apple sent out invites for their media event to be held on Monday, March 21. The press conference is said to reveal the four-inch iPhone SE, a smaller 9.7-inch iPad Pro and potentially some new Apple Watch bands along with updates to the OS X, iOS, tvOS and Watch OS operating systems.

Source: YouTube

  • lou111

    Does iPhone 7 comes in march or something? We still got march, it’s going to be in next half year maybe, and you are writing even about iPhone 8! not 7S… 8! Stop this crazy thing people. I’m going to read you less and less right now. Yes, This is crazy.

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      Yes, you’re crazy.

      • lou111

        Maybe you are standing in front of Apple Store door, and already waiting for iPhone 8 Premiere just in case. Then ok, I gave up 🙂

      • Julio M.

        Wtf is this guy talking about lol

    • pnh


      • Jonathan

        oooo, iOS 6! Nice move, Apple!

      • Omar Al-Bazergan

        more like ios 5 look at the setting app icon lol

  • JayDee917

    The most disappointing part of all this is that the iPhone 7 is going to retain the gigantic bezels of the iPhone 6/s.

    Who cares about a few .1mm’s of thickness, cut some of the fat off the sides and top and bottom of the phone! More screen, less bezel.

  • diggitydang

    After yearrrrrrrrs of iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S7 is looking WAY better than this…

    I like integration with my Mac and I’ll miss iMessage and Siri, but it’s getting too tempting now.

    Never thought I’d be here! This is going to be a tough decision…

    • KOZY_Gremlin_Gang

      Especially if Apple removes the headphone jack that’ll be the deal breaker for me

      • diggitydang

        1000% agree!!!

  • port87

    Lou!!!! I love this guy!