The world’s slimmest detachable battery case has arrived! Meet the mybumper iPhone Battery Case, the one-stop answer to our frustrations with bulky, unsightly battery cases, available now for $59.

The mybumper iPhone Battery Case delivers exactly the right protection and battery power you’ve been craving for your Phone 6/6s. The mybumper case delivers a whopping 10 hours of extra battery to keep you alive throughout your busiest days. Connect the lightning cable and watch your phone charge at the speed of your apple wall charger.

Offering a capacity of 2,000 mAh, it’s also the slimmest and lightest battery case around – when you don’t need extra juice, snap off the back and stay ultra lean with just the bumper! Your mybumper comes with a dual layer protective design to give your phone the most protection with the best look, while the hardshell exterior has an impact absorbing inner layer with raised edges to protect your screen and camera.

Get your mybumper iPhone Battery Case for 40% off the retail price. 

  • 9to5Slavery

    worth? or nah?

    would be ideal,

    although, I like to keep mine plugged in all the time when it’s not in the pocket or in car or at home.

    Plugged Naked paid $100 for front screen after 30+ drops > Bulkiness accessory that looks slim and better than the other one that makes your phone so long with led lights on the bottom that is extremely ugly.

  • Slawa

    Have fun with micro usb…

    • What you see is a Lightning cable that plugs into the device. But yes, you still need a micro USB to charge the case.

      • Slawa

        Not for charging the case

  • mdrglz

    Battery capacity: 2,000mAh*

  • Would be better if you had actual pictures of the battery case.

    • The only picture in the article is of the battery case itself

      • Donato Bearint

        Battery case and and the phone it’s on. Then magically if you clicked the blue underlined text right under the picture of the case and THE PHONE, it shows multiple pictures.