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After giving a brief update about mail apps including Airmail and Polymail, Cody and Sebastien discuss a simple workaround to get a taste of Siri on Mac, Apple’s new Twitter account for support, and of course, the ongoing battle with the FBI. Things return to a lighter tone when the guys discuss to-do and notes apps they use.

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  • Damian

    Sebastien, I remember you said you are a big fun of sparrow on Mac. Do you know Airmail on Mac is exactly, if not better than sparrow. On top of that, the devs have beta program active for the past 2 years where you test the latest client at no cost.

    So yeah, Airmail totally replaced sparrow

    • We talked about Airmail for Mac on the previous episode where I explain the little things that made me not like Airmail. Maybe I should give it another try?

      • Damian

        For me Airmail has lasted since the day Sparrow died. Never looked back. It is pretty much sparrow dressed a bit differently.

  • Jack

    Simplenote, I can’t believe Jeff hasn’t discovered that yet.
    Free, cloud, cross-platform (iOS, Mac, Android, webUI), minimalist.
    Simple yet powerful. Free, no ads, no nags.

    The first line of your note becomes a heading, the rest is the body of your note.

    If you share an account with your significant other you’ll, have an easy cloud based grocery list.