Apple TV has made pioneering strides to redefine the way we watch, and as on-demand viewing, premium apps and gaming changing the landscape of TV as we know it, opportunities abound for the motivated minds. You can get on the fast-track to developing Apple TV apps, games and more with the tvOS Gamer and Dev Bundle, now a full 95% off. 

Every coder under the sun has an iOS app idea, but the tvOS platform is a fresh ecosystem ripe for the taking. Across the six courses in this comprehensive bundle, you’ll learn the ropes of Apple TV app development: utilizing Xcode, programming in the new TVML language, brushing up on JavaScript and Swift, and more. You’ll conquer every challenge imaginable, from how to turn an iPhone app into an Apple TV app to the essentials for crafting engaging games for Apple TV.

Included courses:

  1. Apple TV App Development for tvOS – $199 Value
  2. Learn tvOS for Game Development – $149 Value
  3. Player vs. Player tvOS Games – $99 Value
  4. Apple TV apps. Convert an iPhone app to Apple TV using TVOS – $99 Value
  5. Swift TVOS Crash Course – Build a Space Shooter in SpriteKit – $99 Value
  6. Creating Apple TV Apps with No Programming – $9 Value

By the end of these tutorials, you’ll have built a valuable skill set with full qualification to kick off a career in tvOS development. At just $29, the tvOS Gamer and Dev Bundle is too good to pass up.