extensify home page and interface

Last August, we showed you a really cool project known as Extensify, which is a third-party extension store that allows you to install ‘tweaks’ for App Store apps on your device without a jailbreak.

Created by iOS developers Majd Alfhaily and Kevin Ko, who are both well-known in the jailbreak community, this extension store works on iOS 9 devices and is side-loaded through Safari.

As of Monday, you can now apply to be a part of the app’s soft-launch program via the Extensify website.

The gist of Extensify

Since jailbreaking commonly goes through lulls when Apple releases tons of software updates in rapid succession, just as it is right now, the desire to create a third-party extension store that doesn’t require a jailbreak is alive and well.

Extensify is installed through Safari by visiting the web page on the device you want to use it on, and you’ll be asked to install a configuration profile.

Extensify enterprise certificate

After the app is trusted, the user can then browse the store and download what are called “Exos,” which is the new name given to the extensions that are similar to jailbreak tweaks.

extensify home page and interface

These Exos are used to modify App Store apps only, and unlike jailbreaking, can’t modify the iOS system at all. After you install one, an ungraded version of the App Store app will appear on your Home screen with the modifications built right into the app. You then have the choice to remove the original app or to keep both the original and modified app.

Notice Vine and Vine+ in the screenshots below:

Extensify 4

In this example, the “Vine” app is the regular version of the app installed from the App Store, while the “Vine+” app is the upgraded version of the app that has been modified by Extensify with feature enhancements.

You can watch our overview of Extensify below:

The Extensify app itself has a very easy-to-follow interface that even non-jailbreakers could understand. For anyone interested in having the ability to add features to their App Store apps that they know the App Store wouldn’t allow, Extensify is a promising way to achieve these desires without a jailbreak.

Developers who want to submit Exos to be hosted in the Extensify store for users to download will be able to familiarize themselves with the process by visiting the Extensify documentation page.

Applying for the soft launch

Since Extensify is only available via soft launch right now, the developers are only accepting a small number of users at this point in time. This will change, of course, when the app is officially launched for everyone.

You can apply by going to the Extensify website and applying for a code with your email. The developers have told me they’re randomly selecting users from their list of applicants, so you may get lucky and have a chance to access Extensify early if you apply today.

Because Extensify is in its early stages, pricing models aren’t quite available yet. At this point in time, you will have to sign up for a 3-month plan for $8.99 for access to Extensify, but in the future, Extensify users can pick from 6 and 12 month plans, which will offer bundle pricing deals.

Please note: Extensify is to be used at your own risk.

Update: A previous version of this post wrongly assumed Extensify relied on an enterprise certificate to be installed. The developers have reached out to us to explain this is not the case. Our apologies to the developers and our readers for this mix up.

Are you going to be applying for Extensify? Share in the comments below!

  • Of course I applied for it!

    • iPhoneWINS

      i said pass

  • :D

    Idk if I’d want to pay for that tbh

    • Ds

      My thoughts exactly.

    • I don’t know either, although since it’s owned and operated by someone much smaller than Saurik, someone has to pay for the server resources. Hopefully the bulk pricing will be more affordable.

    • Fanboy 

      If you’re jailbroken of course you wouldn’t want to. But for someone like me stuck on iOS 9.2 for months now, I wouldn’t mind paying. In fact, with all the progress of iOS 9 the only reason I really want a jailbreak is for “Phantom”! This fixes that. Stock iOS + some tweaks!

      • Blip dude

        I’m on iOS 9.2 and I still wouldn’t pay for this. Is it pointless?? Probably not for the impatient types. However, with iOS 9.3 on the way, and a Jailbreak being imminent before iOS X, I just personally don’t see a reason to pay for tweaks I can just get for free or a one-time payment if I just wait it out a bit longer.

      • Fanboy 

        We’ve been patient long enough, they’ve been saying the JB is going to come out as soon iOS 9.x.x comes out and it hasn’t happened. Plus, we’re not talking about $200, $300. Like seriously, it’s $3 a month lmao which you could cancel as soon as a jailbreak comes out. I wouldn’t mind paying 10 cents a day to have access to Phantom and some IG tweaks

  • Ziaur Rahman

    What happened to iMod? Haven’t heard anything from them in months.

    • Cristian B

      Seriously like what the heck? Lol

    • iPhoneWINS

      this is more of the same..

  • ForbidN

    Are you paying for the App or for the Exos?

    • At this point, just the access to the app.

      • Fanboy 

        What is the monthly subscription? Will help me decide if to apply or not.

  • Linton Findlay

    Don’t really want to pay for somethings that jailbreak could easily solve. They need to make it free to attract a user base that will allow it to flourish, then add pro features

    • I think the point of it is to give those without a jailbreak a way to still access features that they miss. Although a subscription model isn’t my favorite and a pay-per download would be more appealing, it’s still a cool concept.

  • AngryDingo

    $36 a year? Nope.

    • That’s not what it would cost. The “bundle prices” we mentioned mean that buying subscriptions in bulk would cost less. Those prices just haven’t been disclosed yet.

      • AngryDingo

        I realize that buying “access” in 6 month and 12 month increments would be somewhat cheaper, but that doesn’t change my point. He wants to charge a running cost for this. Nope.

      • I agree about the subscription model being less preferred. I’m not for subscription services myself. Just wanted to clarify the amount in case someone reads your comment and believes that’s going to be the set price.

  • I’m not sure what their primary target is, but if I were them, I’d aim at the people who aren’t involved in the JB scene, anyone who jailbreaks knows that this can all be achieved and more via Cydia etc. But those who don’t, and never have, the ones less technically inclined, will see this as the holy grail.

    • It seems to be for people who are too impatient to wait for a jailbreak.

  • Tyler James Lopez

    The Exo reference reminds me of COD: Advanced Warfare!! Lol

  • it’s paid? why?

    • I think it would gain a larger user base if it were free, but since the packages inside of it are currently free, it’s a halfway decent trade-off.

  • Anonymous

    I’d pay for the app but a monthly fee, not sure if ill keep it. But ill try it out for sure. My question is is given app has an up date…. Will it up date your modified app or do you have to create another clone?

    • It side-loads a modified app called [insertappnamehere]+ and doesn’t affect the original app on your iPhone. So you’d probably have to wait for the developer to update their side-load.

  • Nick Greenway

    Con someone upload the .mobileconfig

  • Elias Chao

    What about an one-time payment?

  • Black Jesus

    Take my money already……

  • mahe

    Does this only work with free AppStore apps or with paid too?

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Meh…seems lackluster

  • CapitanGamer

    If ur paying for this then what gonna happen went the real jb comes out ?

  • Matt Perkins

    Does this app allow you to install system tweaks like giving you the ability to use 3D Touch on an iPhone 6 Plus like Cydia tweaks can? And does it offer WinterBoard themes? I could care less about adding app features or downloading cracked apps. Unless it offers system tweaks and full themes, the app would be useless to me.

  • Miky

    hello are three days that I requested a code but still nothing has arrived what you do to have a promo code thanks