Revogi’s customizable LED smartbulb offers millions of color options

By , Feb 28, 2016

Experience the marvels of a hi-tech future in your own home today, starting with the Revogi Smart Bluetooth LED Bulb. A dazzler at last year’s CES, the Revogi can change color with a whopping 16 million options, dim and brighten on command, and use just 10 percent of the energy consumed by a standard bulb. At 33% off, you’ll save on all sides with this green-energy powerhouse.

Revogi’s smart LED bulbs are easy to install — simply swap your old bulbs and twist them into place, just like a regular bulb. You can then control them from around the house with your smartphone, whether iOS or Android. Use the companion app to cycle through millions of colors and set mood lighting to calm or energize you. Dim or brighten the lights in any room without the need for special switches, and set timers to turn lights on or off to help you fall asleep and wake up with your own customized settings.

Every bulb has a lifespan of 25,000 hours and uses 10% of the energy as compared to a standard bulb. Light up your home like never before with the Revogi Smart Bluetooth LED Bulb, get 33% off when you order, for an all-time low price of just $29.99 each! Order now and get free shipping across the U.S.

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  • askep3


  • askep3

    And when are people going to stop advertising the million colors it doesn’t even mean anything other than the fact it can use a slider to change to any color you want, right?

  • JulianZH

    Only 500 lumens.. Let me know when they make a 1000 lumens one. 😀

  • Morgan Freeman

    Whoa…only $29.99? Now I’m saving on all sides with this green-energy powerhouse! Hell yeah, paying $30 for a frickin’ light bulb AND saving money at the same time! Win-win! Capitalism rocks! ‘Murica! Plus it’s got millions of color options to boot, you can’t lose! I’m ordering like a hundred of these bad boys. At 33% off, can I afford NOT to?

  • Morgan Freeman

    Whoa…only $29.99? Now I’m saving on all sides with this green-energy powerhouse!