Rumor: Photos app in iOS 10 and OS X 10.12 should be on par in terms of features with iPhoto

By , Feb 26, 2016

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A report yesterday by the fairly accurate Japanese blog Mac Otakara claims insider knowledge of an improved Photos app in Apple’s upcoming iOS 10 and OS X 10.12 operating system refreshes that, as per sources, should gain new features putting it on par with the discontinued iPhoto app.

Apple was somewhat criticized for its decision to discontinue Aperture and iPhoto in favor of the new Photos app, which took almost a year to gain support for third-party image editing filter and effects on the Mac.

Citing a reliable sources, Mac Otakara wasn’t able to provide specific information about an updated Photos app aside from mentioning that Photos for Mac will gain new features but still won’t be on par with Apple’s Aperture.

As for Photos for iOS, the app should introduce a heal tool and let users edit EXIF metadata information embedded inside image files, both of which is possible in iPhone. Editing EXIF metadata in the current Photos app is not possible and requires using a third-party app like Metapho or EXIF-fi.

All told, the report claims that with Photos for iOS 10 and OS X 10.12, Apple wants to achieve feature parity with iPhoto 9.6.1 for Mac and iPhoto 2.0.1 for iOS.

iInternally code-named “Fuji,” OS X 10.12 is also expected to bring Siri to the Mac and pack in minor user interface tweaks across core system application windows.

Source: Mac Otakara (Google Translate)

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  • Nick Greenway


  • can’t wait to see this!! I use Photos to catalog my RAW files.. if they really add iPhoto features, I am hoping for star ratings!

  • :D

    The new Photos app is brilliant

  • Greg Warren

    Faces needs to have its ability to identify people accurately improved by leaps and bounds. They also need to be carried over to iOS and iCloud as a part of the file as well. And you need to be able to identify someone on your phone if you take a picture with the phone. Trying to use Faces in Photos has been a momentous dumpster fire that can only go up from here.

    • John

      Rubbish. iOS doesn’t HAVE to identify identify someone on your phone when you take a photo.

      • Greg Warren

        I mean it should be an option, not mandatory. For those of us who use Photos or iCloud for all of our storage, we shouldn’t have to go to a MacBook just to take the Faces of our friends. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been looking for a specific face on my phone, and can’t remember exactly when it was from, but know who was in it. Faces on iOS is borderline worthless in its current condition.

  • aalberti

    Even if, it remains a shitting peace of software. Like the “new” iWorks. And iTunes 12. And OS-X Yosemite/El Capitan. Apple died with Jobs.

    • John

      Piece not peace.
      OS X not OS-X.

      Learn to spell before making unintelligent remarks like you have.

      • aalberti

        Should have been the shitty autocorrect…

      • John

        Actually, it’s called proofreading. That’s something autocorrect doesn’t do.

      • The Pool Man

        I’d rather read a smart idea with typos than a stupid idea that would give a grammarian a hard on.

      • John

        Oh yeah? And what idea did aalberti actually present?
        Thanks for trying though.

      • The Pool Man

        See. Right there. You made a pointless point with solid grammar and spelling.

      • John

        Actually, I asked a question.

        Again. Thanks for trying…

      • The Pool Man

        No. You ignored my point. That proper spelling and grammar have no relation to intelligent content. And tried to change the subject.

        Watch now as you try again.

      • John

        Hahahahah. Sure mate, you keep believing that. No point was made but that’s cool, you believe whatever you want to believe.

  • Chris Gilmore

    Think maybe Apple has been trying frantically to get iOS and OS both on the same number “10” so they could finally infuse them. This may be just the beginning of it!

    • John

      Urg, this conspiracy again. Thought we killed it off years ago…or are you still holding out for the hope that it might be true.

  • The Pool Man

    It’s so cool when Apple breaks solid software and fixes it years later.