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Chinese handset maker Xiaomi at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, today announced its latest Mi 5 smartphone, billed as a super flagship device due to some beastly specs.

The new Xiaomi Mi 5 basically packs in as much hardware as Apple’s iPhone 6s and Samsung’s newly announced Galaxy S7, for half the price, with industrial design that looks like a cross between the iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7.

The maxed-out spec sheet includes things like the latest Qualcomm chip with four gigabytes of RAM, a sixteen-megapixel camera from Sony with sapphire lens protection, a full HD IPS LCD edge-to-edge screen, a fingerprint sensor integrated into the Home button, 128GB of on-board storage with support for micro SD cards and more.

Maxed-out specs

The Mi 5 has a 5.15-inch 1080p IPS LCD screen, runs Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 820 chipset with 4GB of memory, supports the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 fast-charging technology and is extremely light at just 129 grams.

The phone runs Android and packs in a whopping 3,000mAh battery, the same as in Samsung’s latest Galaxy S7 series. There are also two capacitive keys on the front, a multitasking button on the left and a back key on the right.

The camera

The rear camera, a sixteen-megapixel IMX298 module from Sony, supports advanced features such as  phase-detect autofocus, four-axis stabilization, deep trench isolation and more, and is flush with the chassis.

Xiaomi Mi 5 image 001


The regulars edition of the new Xiaomi Mi 5 in Black, White and Gold colorways, with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of on-board storage will be available in China from March 1, priced at 1,999 renminbi, which works out to about $305. The Pro edition of the Mi 5 Pro with extra RAM, storage and a black ceramic back will cost around $350. A launch in India will follow China, with “other markets” coming soon after.

That’s one heck of a phone

Specs on paper don’t always translate into a cohesive user experience, but this sure looks to be a hell of a smartphone, wouldn’t you agree?

Speaking of which, what precisely do you think of the new Xiaomi phone? If you were in the market for an Android device, would you pick the Mi 5 over Samsung’s latest Galaxy S7, and why?

Source: Xiaomi

  • Justin Young

    The top looks like iPhone, with a galaxy home button and the back, good on ya Xiaomi!! 😛

    • the hood

      If motorola reintroduced the flip phone someone would say it looks like an iphone.

      • White Michael Jackson

        Maybe you would say that

      • the hood

        Maybe you have no clue. The only resemblance this phone has to an iphone is that it’s a smartphone.

  • Sorry, I don’t just want beastly specs. All I need is jailbroken iOS.

    • iPhoneWINS

      Exactly … IOS when jailbroken is the God of operation systems and phones.

      • the hood

        When not jailbroken is a bucket of pus.

    • Jerry

      If it’s not released immediately after the release of 9.3 Im losing all hope.

  • Martynet

    it just shows that samsung is well overpriced 🙂

    • George

      Every phone is.

      • 5723alex .

        Including the $3.7 smartphone from India.

      • That apparently tries to mimic iOS.

      • TechnoBuff

        Exactly EVERY

  • ✯Mike✯

    that seriously is a tempting phone.. wow.

  • Franklin Richards

    I’d take this over an S7 any day.

  • Bangali

    if I was in the market for android, this would probably be THE device..!
    All it’s missing i waterproofing..

  • iPhoneWINS

    Yeah but what can you do with it??? same stuff as every other phone… its not special at all

    • TechnoBuff

      Frankly its becoming quite hard to set phone apart on build quality and specs , even the OS are getting better on both sides of the fence.
      The ecosystem is what is keeping some smart buyers from taking the leap and try other OS

      • Merman123

        I disagree. On paper they may be on par but the OS and build quality is very much crippled. Regardless of how invested you are with either ecosystem.

      • TechnoBuff

        For a lot of people on both OS, the build of Samsung previous and latest phones are top notch, on par with Iphone and frankly a lot of people will chose Samsung latest phones over Iphone in a blind test.
        The other Android OEMs are not doing badly either.
        Ecosystem and brand loyalty are the key deciding factors these days.

      • Alex-V

        because of samsung i´m back on iPhone.. the phones are not as good as it seems..after i got an replacement from samsung i was selling it (s6 edge)

      • Valinor

        Yeah same experience for me also. IOS is simplistic, great for empty headed people.
        I like being empty headed when it comes to phones :p

      • Anonymous

        Or perhaps an UI that has to be explain is just a poorly made UI.

  • :D

    All I want is iOS
    Idc so much about the specs

  • Sigit

    They were discovered the past year sending data about accounts, Apps and kind of use of their phones to a server in China so.. sorry, no deal.

    • Got a link to this?

    • Justin Young

      Yes I’ve saw that Xiaomi keeps track of what you are doing on the phone, built in Trojan

  • JulianZH

    i will never go back to android. unless it’s free so i can ebay it.

  • raulortiz318

    Nice phone!

  • Eddie Hines

    will it have FULL 4g LTE coverage in the states though….my guess is no.

    • babiloe

      the LTE is US is b1 b7, ad mi5 lte according the xiaomidevice importer is may b2 b4, same as mi note. But lets wait for gsmarena

  • Steven Gouws

    I’m waiting for the day you can load any operating system on the phone of your choice

  • aro77

    Definitely going to get this one over S7 or G5 if I ever wanted a high end android smartphone. Man… android devices these days really makes me lust after them.. especially after the disastrous iPhone 6/6S design. I really hope Apple will do something far better for iPhone 7!

    • tariq

      So you are ok with not having waterproofing feature and wireless charging with better camera focus and no curve screen or liquid cooling on your phone?
      (just curios)

      • aro77

        Yes. I don’t mind because it is ‘half the price’ of the other high end phones 🙂 I don’t feel comfortable to spend too much on android yet, because I see many friends who experience deteriorating performance of their android phones with time (starts to lag and not as responsive as the early days). One of my friend who is an android fan says it is because the memory management on android is not as good as iOS. I’m still on my iPhone 5S and it still as fast as the first day I use it, especially on iOS 9. I have high hope on iPhone 7. Apple should feel ashamed if they can’t make something as sexy as flagship Android device of today. iPhone 6 / Plus looks too large for its screen size compared to many android phones of today. Maybe Apple need to ditch its iconic home button. Maybe move it to the back like the G5.

      • Rowan09

        Why should Apple ditch the home button when this phone you are talking about has one alone with Samsung bringing back the home button after getting rid of it?

      • aro77

        Because it makes the bezel big and in turn makes the phone big. I still love the pocketability and one handed use of the 5S. It will be awesome to see 4.7 inch iPhone 7 with size smaller than the 6S.

      • Luke

        You think iOS 9 is still as fast as iOS 7? Huntie you’re mistaken. Within every software update, (regardless of android or iOS) the system will run somewhat slower than with what you originally started with. New features, apps, and etc are added to the device. iOS 9 is a buggy, laggy MESS on my iPhone 6s Plus. Brand new phone too. Apple completely screwed up. And the friends you say have “deteriorating performance” are probably still running new versions of android on older devices. That’s just how it works these days.

      • aro77

        Ok. I definitely can’t really compare iOS 7 vs iOS 9 real life experience since they are separated by 2 years. But I do feel the improvement when I upgrade from iOS 8. iOS 9 just feel smooth and stutter free compared to iOS 8. And it still is until now on my iPhone 5S. Not sure if it is the mess created by iOS 8 that creates the impression that iOS 9 is fast to me 😀

      • tariq

        Yeah, i have both android and iPhone 5s. I like both systems, but I do not think it is fair to compare Android to an iPhone, it is more accurate to compare Sony, Samsung, LG or whatever phone that uses Android,to a specific iPhone. I have seen many LG phones slow down quick and have issues (that is why i stay away from LG) but I have Xperia Z3 which is waterproof, has SD card, 20MG camera and it is Android but it has not starting lagging yet (thank God)! But i see your perspective too, phones are over priced now a days. That is why I always buy older models lol

      • the hood

        Since mobile phones/smart phones were invented/introduced, waterproofing wasn’t an issue and now all of a sudden everyone wants to make a phone call in the shower or whilst sitting in a hot tub? If ever a first world problem existed, this is it.

    • Alex-V

      after i was a android fan boy for many many years (including make own rooms and kernels) i can say …yes they makes lust…but if it comes to camera ..the iPhone is the best i star..my last android phones are s6edge and htc m8 …also interesting is the big battery in the android phones..i have better battery times with my iPhone 6

  • tariq

    I do not think this phone is nearly as good as S7. It only has 3GB ram, no wireless charging (from my understanding), It might have heating issues with snapdragon 820 (since they did not mention liquid cooling), and the phone is not water resistant. And camera focus on S7 is much quicker. I feel like this phone is more similar to Xperia phone than S7

  • Ben Diaz

    Sure the Galaxy S7 might be better, but is it really $300 better? I personally don’t think so. I’d love to give this phone a chance, if it were available in the US

  • AwesomeSauce

    Copied Samsung.

  • Starfall88

    xiaomi is known to make phones with good spec and reasonable price. They are looking to sell more units than make more money per unit. xiaomi phones are very popular in China. $300 for that spec is a killer deal.

  • babiloe

    Nope thats for China Rom. Checked with Global Rom, none

    • Sigit

      Confirmed in China and US. EU units were suspected as well.

      • babiloe

        Nope in mine.

  • chrisz5z

    Xiaomi’s modified version of android, called MIUI if you didn’t know, is easily the most polished android experience out there. I think the only reason they haven’t come to America yet is because they blatantly copy other phone manufacturers. Which is something you can get away with in China, but If they came to America they’d immediately get sued

  • babiloe

    I am using Xiaomi mi3 wcdma with my 6s. Honestly very good experience with miui OS. Looking forward for mi5 now. A recommended android one if you already have an iPhone

  • Dao Sasone

    To me its the features of the phone. I enjoy my Samsung pay and wireless charging. If only iphone has mst technology like Samsung i would definitely get the iPhone 7.

  • hkgsulphate

    sure you guys love CCP’s backdoor