ios 9.3 beta 4

Apple on Monday released iOS 9.3 beta 4 to developers. The update is available for members of Apple’s develop program either via an over-the-air update, for those already on iOS 9.3, or as a standalone download from Apple’s developer center.

Today’s release comes two weeks after the previous beta 3, which added  a new Wi-Fi Calling option for Verizon customers and a cellular fix for T-Mobile customers, and more than a month after the original 9.3 beta was pushed to developers.

For those who haven’t been keeping up with iOS 9.3 news, it’s going to be a significant update with several user-facing new features and improvements including Night Shift mode, password-protected Notes, new 3D Touch actions and much more.

New in beta 4:

Redesigned Night Shift mode icon in Control Center:

night shift icon beta 4

We will be sure to let you know if we spot any other major changes in iOS 9.3 beta 4. If you see something noteworthy that we missed, let us know in the comments below or at

  • Briggamortis

    But what do it do tho…. 🙂

    • I’ve noticed a new night shift icon in the control center.

      • Greg Warren

        Thank God; the other one was far too ambiguous.

  • ericesque

    I just did the upgrade to this beta and my battery lasted two full days! Amazing!

    • It hasn’t even been a day, mate. You drunk?

      • Newgunnerr


  • Kenneth Delgado

    Are you serious, no public release today?

    • Probably tomorrow or the day after.

      • Tommy

        you think? they might wait for march event.

      • Oh you’re talking about the public release of the full version, huh? I thought you meant public beta. My bad. ✌️

      • Kenneth Delgado

        This is a bets release, they wouldn’t push out a beta to devs and then just two days after make a public release of the same firmware. — Don’t you understand the game already?

      • Was talking about the public beta. You really should mention “full version” cause there already is a public release for beta testers.

      • Kenneth Delgado

        Lol Evan, I’m actually excited for the new tvOS update for folder support — Not so much about iOS 9.3

    • Blip dude

      Yeah, they’re being serious. What made you think a public release would be today??

      • Kenneth Delgado

        Because, why so many beta releases?

    • Greg Warren

      Public beta releases have consistently been a day or two behind the developer releases. Look for it tomorrow.

  • Anyone else having battery issues?
    My 6Plus can use 10% just using the Music app while I’m in the shower for 5 minutes

    • VITICO

      mine too…i have the 6s

    • Apple answer to your issue: Take a quicker shower! Lol…

      I don’t really know. Considering the latest problems and bunch of bugs in any iOS release I’m keeping myself away from trying betas specially on the phone.

      • Correction, it’s: You’re showering wrong lol

        I hope the battery issue is fixed in this build. I’ll wait till the public beta is out in a few days though :p

      • Guy


      • Jackson Grong

        Same for 6S, 20 minutes of alarm 15% of battery. It’s a hardware problem, the speaker draws a lot of power.

      • I use a docking station though. Usually, it’d use like 2%, not 10%… At one time I could listen to music for hours and still have 50% left

      • Guy


    • kespiritu

      The Music app has always drained my battery pretty badly. It’s just a buggy piece of shit app lol.

      • 5723alex .

        Just use a better music app like VLC, Golden Ear, Infuse.
        My iPhone’s 6 plus battery last for 3 days.

      • Jackson Grong

        **HF Player is the best music app I’ve found**
        Looks stunning, it’s free, and it has a complete manual EQ.

  • Flabalanche

    there is a new night shift icon sun/moon

  • :D

    That icon looks much better now

  • Briggamortis

    I noticed the calendar app now shows the number of weeks when looking at the month view.

    • Newgunnerr

      Thats a switch in the settings app, maybe they put it on default now? It should be off by default

  • Luke Pruitt

    Center clock in status bar delay is now fixed.

    • Flavio Sacchi

      hello excuse the trouble then you say that was corrected the clock late in the status bar ? no longer appears after 10 seconds as the beta 3 ?

      • Luke Pruitt

        Yeah, that’s exactly it. You don’t have the delay anymore, the time appears as soon as the home screen appears instead of the 10 second thing you were talking about. yeah, 6s

      • Flavio Sacchi

        thanks for the reply , he spoke of propio hour delay in the status bar , I’m happy to have been solved , you know not having the ability to update now my iphone , I just wanted to know , thank you, hello

      • Hello google translate

    • Flavio Sacchi

      I talk iphone 6s

  • iPhoneWINS


    • Fanboy 

      This comment was very insightful

  • Chill Will

    I notice Apple Music shows a star next to songs that you have hearted. In the track list view.

    • Troy

      Is only on really popular songs

  • Cole Mahoney

    New change: workouts show little green dot instead of whole day circle green

  • Sailor_V90

    I wonder if iOS 10 will finally include a true night mode? Much like how Google Maps goes dark at night automatically.

    Also they need to improve the split screen feature for OS X because it’s not a smooth transition in and out of it, amongst other things.

    • Tommy

      yes, like nightmode8 on jailbroken devices. would be really cool. Especially stock ios.

  • Hunter

    The dates where you work out now have a small green dot on the side

  • Master Doge

    now grayscale wont work with night shift enabled…. 🙁