Alex Muench Minimalist Wallpaper splash

The Wallpapers of the Week section continues with a reader submitted image. Throughout the week, we glean through different repositories, looking for just the right images to feature on Sundays. Considering reader-submitted images is part of the curation process. Wallpapers are best when they are properly formatted for the latest iOS devices and photo quality. Consequently, the most popular wallpapers are not ones someone just happened to snap on their latest beach vacation.

Highlighting a submission from @alexmuench, the mountain themed wallpapers include one of his latest graphics projects. Step inside to download Alex’s original and several additional mountain-scape wallpapers.

Mountain wallpapers

The first collection is called “Minimalist Wallpaper,” created by Alex, who describes the wallpaper as inspired by a blue color scheme and mountain landscape. He did a great job of achieving his goal! You can find more of Alex’s work via dribbble.

To feature Alex’s images, he connected with me via Twitter @jim_gresham. Simply send me a tweet to have your wallpapers considered or just follow along to see other images I find during the week.

Alex Muench Minimalist Wallpaper full device splash

Download “Minimalist Wallpaper:” desktop (1920×1080); iPad; iPhone

The remaining wallpapers are those found via


Download: iPad (including iPad Pro); iPhone


Download: iPad (including iPad Pro); iPhone


Download: iPad (including iPad Pro); iPhone

  • Digitalfeind

    While these are nice, the ones posted in the comment sections are always the best.

    • Mohammed Burn

      like this?

      • Digitalfeind


  • Pedro Leite

    I have an iPhone 6 running on iOS 9.0.2 and after a couple of hours I change my wallpaper, it looses quality. It looks like the wallpaper’s resolution diminished. It happens with pictures I have in my camera roll as well as with the stock wallpapers. Can anyone help?

    • Alex-V

      may you need to make perspective off

      • Pedro Leite

        Thanks for the reply!

        Perspective is off already. I’m indeed jailbreaked, but can’t think of a tweak that may be interfering in the wallpaper.

        It’s strange, because the wallpaper initially seems fine, but gets fuzzy a couple of hours later…

  • Kamil

    How to get black font on ios, like on the first image? White text on the pale blue background is hard to read.

    • Hak

      iOS automatically does it if the image is bright enough. Sometimes you have to move the picture around for it to work.

      • Pablo

        My devices aren’t doing that, when I choose the first wallpaper on this post, in the selection screen it appears with black text, but when I set the image as wallpaper it appears with white text on my home and lock screen, I don’t know how to fix it

  • lukemul69

    Took this from my apartment short while ago!

    • Agneev Mukherjee

      You are one very lucky guy 🙂 🙂

  • B I G

    Took this myself

  • Eliijah Moss

    Here are some from an awesome guy off Twitter.

  • guitahero

    These are very sweet, thanks idb