We’re overdue for a revolution in interior lighting. Conventional incandescent light bulbs and compact fluorescent bulbs cannot compete with the features of the newest LED lighting technology, which you’ll find in the A19 ilumi Smartbulb, available now for $44.99.

Backed by the famous Dallas billionaire Mark Cuban, the A21iLumi is a well built product that will provide you with many years of faithful service. Enjoy fantastic customization across millions of color options, controlled from your smartphone via Bluetooth, up to 150 feet away. It features built in sensors that will activate the light when someone enters a room and then intelligently turns it off when that person leaves, with custom lighting “scenes” to save.

Going away on vacation? Just program your ilumi to turn on at any desired time to make it look like someone is home. If you have multiple ilumi LED Smartbulbs, you can program each of them to turn on independently at various times for a realistic looking human presence.

Having a party? Sync your ilumi to your music and put your celebration into overdrive by pulsing your interior lighting to the beat of the music. The next morning, wake up naturally by setting the ilumi to mimic a sunrise.

With an estimated lifespan of up to 20 years, this is a definite long-term investment in savings and energy preservation. Get your ilumi LED Smartbulb for just $44.99 with free US shipping.

  • SuckMYcuca

    One bulb for forty five bucks? hahaha…wow…i cannot stop laughing…hahah…i’m gonna choke…haha

    • 9to5Slavery

      Seems expensive for a single bulb but the purpose and abilities it can do along with the support. We said that about iPhones but now non iPhones cost that much too.

      • I wasn’t even going to try to justify the price of this bulb to people so I’m glad you did it for me 🙂

        It’s a smart bulb you can control from your iPhone, so of course it’s more expensive than a normal bulb!

      • 9to5Slavery

        Can you hire back Jeff from 9to5google or 9to5mac?

      • the hood

        You really are out of touch

      • the hood

        Support for a light bulb, what to help you screw it in after screwing you over with the price? Come back to earth will you. How many hours does this thing last? How much does it save in cost per day? What are savings overall? Is there a warranty? You’re defending something you know nothing about and then compare it to a mobile phone. Why not compare it to the price of pretzels or perhaps a toothbrush. Are you related to Sebastien.

      • 9to5Slavery

        Because I have different opinions about when industries create more technologically advanced products, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t do the older industry works. Sure you can buy product to product and they may be more inexpensive else where, but that’s the difference in what type of quality you may get in different areas. Such as support after buying the product.

        If i can not talk about how great something is, why should I focus on how what it shouldn’t be? I am not defending anything. If I knew it all, then I would be allowed to be defending it? Doesn’t make much sense. I am open minded to advancement in technology. I have and understand how money works. I have no trouble purchasing this for hobbies + personal use. The reason why I don’t compare the price of pretzels or perhaps a toothbrush, is because pretzels are in the consumption category. The toothbrush has the sonicare in its’ own industry. Therefore if you want to use that example to educate yourself. Go ahead, I’ll allow you to learn.

        If you don’t like the idea of lightbulbs that was mentioned in the article. You don’t have to compare and contrast to why it shouldn’t have the abilities or special features it has. You can just go buy a regular one. If you’re that technical about product information, you can go google them. So that you can know how much you will save. If you’re living frugal, then stick to the traditional lightbulbs like the CFL or LED without the smart features. You may get more respectable answers if you weren’t insecure about yourself on the internet as well.

      • the hood

        You must be related to sebastien, you make about as much sense.

      • 9to5Slavery

        lol I’m done with you.

  • Pavelbure

    Do these people think we’re all millionaires like them ?

    • 9to5Slavery

      No but those who manages money well can afford nicer things.

  • Markieze Mitchell

    Hey, for a limited time you can purchase your first bulb at 10% off by just subscribing to receive email updates when you visit the page! Lol what a joke. Cool concept though.

  • Jack Wong

    Before I can save 5x from the utility bill… I have to pay 10x more for the light bulb…

    I live in an apartment, the power from the utility bill is only ~$30-40 per month.