Yosemite Simulator for Apple Watch image 001

Billy Ellis, a 15-year-old developer, has created a fun Apple Watch app that simulates OS X Yosemite’s Finder on your wrist. The proof-of-concept software serves to demonstrate what can be achieved on the Apple Watch with a little bit of imagination and some superb coding skills. “Haven’t had the time to make everything fully functional just yet,” said Ellis. “Hopefully I’ll add some more to it later this week.”

The Yosemite Simulator for Apple Watch, as Ellis calls it, is an app that runs directly on the Apple Watch. It shows the Mac’s standard desktop on the watch’s tiny screen along with the familiar icons for the Finder, Launchpad, Settings, the App Store and Trash.

Here’s a quick video demonstration of the app.

“The reason why I create these apps is really just to show people how certain things could look/work on such a small device,” Ellis told Cult of Mac.

“So they are really just fun concepts that allow people to see how the Apple Watch could have been if Apple had decided to do things differently. Also, a lot of people seem to just love seeing unique apps and ideas that you wouldn’t find on the App Store.”

Ellis’ previous project, seen below, (kinda) puts iOS 4.2.1 onto the Apple Watch.

Again, these are merely fun projects rather than full-blown apps that will serve any practical applications, but we thought they were worth sharing.

What are your thoughts about Ellis and his apps?

Source: YouTube via Cult of Mac

  • ravinigga

    Dan 15 year old only.
    Congrats and a great concept

  • Mike Colacone Saal

    Screw the watch. Mine doesn’t need this, make this for ipad….

  • iPhoneWINS

    Make a proper sized watch then do this

    • Jon20

      I do feel they should make a larger screen watch. I’ve seen the 42 mm on some guys and I still feel it’s too small. I am used to larger face watches so I think it would be better.

    • Morgan Freeman

  • This would be really useful for the iPad Pro.

  • Magnifying Glass Not Included.