The Apple Watch is pretty great on its own, but there’s something to be said for accessorizing your smart wristpiece with the best Apple Watch cases, chargers, straps and docking stations. Whether you juice your device on your bedside table, office desk or elsewhere, a charger stand is going to be a worthwhile investment, as well as a trophy case of sorts for your enviable new device. This is where the Apple Watch Wall Stand Charger comes in. Sleek, compact and stylish, this great wall socket charger is available for just $24.99 for a limited time.

Simply slide your watch onto this eye-catching stand and it quickly charges without blocking the additional outlets. Not only will it charge the battery while you sleep, it’ll also be a great way of having it on display. Plus the design allows for easy air circulation, keeping the charging block cool as your watch itself.

Made with top quality PVC & a rubberized finish, it’s sturdy & stable so your watch stays safe and secure. Simply use your original Apple Watch charger that will fit right into the cut out made specifically for it. Extra cable length can be tucked into the device itself for a clean and minimalist look.

Keep it safe, show it off and charge with convenience – the Apple Watch Wall Stand Charger is now 16% off.