Your Apple Watch and iPhone are made for each other. They’re nearly always together, so keep them charged together with the WatchStand Powered Charging Station by Griffin. This all-in-one charging dock features a spot for your Apple Watch as well as a place for your iPad or iPhone, and sits beautifully on any desktop, tabletop or bedside table. You can get your own today for $49.99.

A beautiful addition to any home or office, WatchStand Powered Charging Station accommodates all watch bands, securely charging your Apple Watch at any orientation—vertically or horizontally. View and access notifications and updates while it charges – and yes, it works with Nightstand Mode.

The small footprint of the WatchStand Powered Charging Stations has a felt platform what won’t scratch or damage any surface as well as non-skid padding to keep it all in place. Equipped with two USB ports, this station uses a single power sources leaving your other outlet open. The WatchStand also has built-in cable management for both Apple Watch and iPhone or iPad. Excess cord length from your Apple Watch wraps around the inside of WatchStand’s post, and the cable posts under WatchStand’s base wrap extra cable to keep your tabletop uncluttered.

Pick up your own WatchStand Powered Charging Station.