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Episode 122: Now running as a power duo, Cody and Sebastien start the show by discussing some of the changes coming to iDB. The conversation them moves on to comment on the latest episode of The Talk Show with John Gruber, with two special guests from Apple. The two hosts then talk about the Kanye effect on Tidal, Apple’s rumored TV show featuring Dr Dre, Apple Music talk, and rumored launch dates for iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3. Good times!

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  • Ilya Vorobyev

    The one part of Jeff that I liked was that he was already different than the other writers and news websites. Jeff being “hacky” like you said in the podcast is a good thing. If we keep things simple your just going to cover the exact same topics the other news websites are. Jeff was the entire reason that iDB was original. Change is good but please leave in some Jeff styled videos (hacky videos) to satisfy your viewers. In the end I wish Andrew good luck to his role in iDB and I hope to see great content from him. Keep up the good work!