While the cloud has made modern life far more convenient, it hasn’t done away with the need for immediate space relief for our various daily tasks. If you find your iPhone or iPad running low on space at times, Xtra Drive Lightning Flash Drive has you covered with a backup 16GB Micro SD Card (expandable up to 128GB) to easily store your music, videos, photos and more. For a limited time only, it’s just $71.99.

Just plug the pocket-size Xtra Drive directly into your device with the MFi-certified Apple Lightning connector or USB 3.0 connector, and transfer any files with ease at the flip of a switch. Store up to 36,000 songs, 56 hours of video, or 64,000 photos without overloading your iDevice. You’ll enjoy the extra freedom so much, you’ll soon wonder how you got by without it.

Pick up the Xtra Drive Lightning Flash Drive with 16GB Micro SD Card today on iDB Deals for just $71.99.

  • the hood

    So $72 for an empty thumb drive (in this case with a 16GB sd card inc) that’s expandable. Hard to not be cynical when these products clearly include the hyper inflated mystery apple tax price deregulation.

  • zoLa siWisa

    Too much for that price. I will wait for the none hype one. Always come up with better tech

    • There’s actually plenty of them on Amazon for much better prices. I had no idea these had become that popular, but even the top name memory manufacturers have already gotten on board and released their own.

      • Mick Hannifey

        But are they card readers or built in memory.

  • Burge

    You can get these of Ebay. With wifi connection and cheaper and I posted this when you did the increase the iPhone storage post a few days ago and you pulled my post.

    • the hood

      Why was your post removed? That’s outrageous and offensive, maybe you were expected to offer a donation to have your info disseminated. iDB, you clearly are losing if not actually have lost credibility and I’m calling you out for it. Absolutely bloody disgusting!

      • That’s called comment moderation. And yes, we do moderate dozens of these eBay links every day for spam control. So anything that says “you can get this for cheap on eBay” smells fishy right off the bat. Some of them may not be spam but the large majority is spam. Those comments, real or spam, don’t really bring anything to the table anyway because yes, you can always get something for cheaper on eBay, which seems to be some people’s de facto comment on anything that has a price tag on it.

      • iPhoneWINS


      • Burge

        @Seb when have I ever spammed this blog site. After all these years, iOS 3 I believe I first made a commitment on here I think you was running the site whilst having a bit of a adventure around Asia, and I used to get mentioned in the posts. Haha. That’s was a long time ago now.

      • Ha! You know, every time I see your name in the comments, I wonder if you are the same person from back then. Now I know. Anyways. When I moderate comments by the boatload, I don’t always spend additional time vetting people. It just would be way too time consuming and really not worth it. So if I see a link that looks shady, it’s deleted. Or if I see insults, it’s deleted. Properly moderating comments on iDB would be a full time job for someone, and we unfortunately can’t afford it. Mistakes are made, and I apologize for that.

      • Burge

        Haha. Yes it’s me. And no need to apologise it’s your site. I don’t comment that much now but I still read the site every day. I need my iDB fix.

      • Digitalfeind

        “Smells fishy” means cutting into profits.

      • Thanks for the vote of confidence and the dose of cynicism. I don’t think it’s a secret we don’t work for free. It shouldn’t be a secret either that deleting thousands of comments every month is also to protect you and other readers from scams or spam.

      • Digitalfeind

        You deserve to get paid for your work no doubt. It’s just funny you are mentioning they are scams and spam. What is the difference in you selling the same product and a reputable eBay seller selling the exact same item for cheaper??

      • The difference is I know the links I post are ok. However I don’t know the links that are posted by anonymous people here are ok.

      • Gotta agree with you on this one. I work in the pawn industry and counterfeit Beats headphones are one of the most popular items on eBay. Most tweens never even will notice they got ripped off on that pair of headphones, for a literal “unbeatable price”.

      • the hood

        I suppose it is too difficult and cumbersome to click on a link to vetify it’s authenticity. Give me a break and save your poor excuse. Just admit what this site initially stood for has had its morals shifted sideways to the detriment of jailbreakers and the passing on of info that saved money etc etc. Apple once were the battlers against the big IBM machine now they’ve become IBM. This site has made that same transition, first you weakened towards full ios integrstion at the expense of jsilbreaking and succumbed fully to the almight dollar at the expense of your core readers. That’s ok, another blog site will pick up where you left off. Carry on now being Apple’s lackies, I hope you’re all proud of yourselves.

  • InfinitePlusOne


  • $72 lol. I’ll get 64gb instead.


    This is dumb…

  • Tommy

    This looks exactly like the SanDisk one.

  • Gucciipad

    No the. I’d rather get the 64 gb iPhone instead

    • iPhoneWINS

      Thats what i have and its perfect

  • Rodney Coleman

    I would rather send my phone to the guys that’ll upgrade my storage for $60

  • Picapollo

    Ad ad ad ad….smh IDB this is worthless and useless.. Why would I carry a big stick with my phone….slow day eh?

    • Not an ad. A product from our Deals store. There’s a difference

  • Mick Hannifey

    Does this support ExFAT. I have this but it uses a different App n it won’t read cards in ExFAT. I have to reformat the 64g card to FAT32. My dashcam formats the card to Exfat then it’s unreadable when I plug it into this. Would be so much easier if it would work with both formats. I have even tried the App that is for xtra druve but it won’t work with my device even though it’s the same. Probaly different firmware.

  • Mandyx2

    Invaluable commentary ! I Appreciate the details . Does anyone know if I could get access to a sample a form version to complete ?