While the cloud has made modern life far more convenient, it hasn’t done away with the need for immediate space relief for our various daily tasks. If you find your iPhone or iPad running low on space at times, Xtra Drive Lightning Flash Drive has you covered with a backup 16GB Micro SD Card (expandable up to 128GB) to easily store your music, videos, photos and more. For a limited time only, it’s just $71.99.

Just plug the pocket-size Xtra Drive directly into your device with the MFi-certified Apple Lightning connector or USB 3.0 connector, and transfer any files with ease at the flip of a switch. Store up to 36,000 songs, 56 hours of video, or 64,000 photos without overloading your iDevice. You’ll enjoy the extra freedom so much, you’ll soon wonder how you got by without it.

Pick up the Xtra Drive Lightning Flash Drive with 16GB Micro SD Card today on iDB Deals for just $71.99.