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According to The Guardian’s technology reporter Samuel Gibbs, uninstalling Facebook’s battery draining iOS app and accessing the mobile Facebook interface through the Safari browser can boost an iPhone 6s Plus’s battery life by as much as fifteen percent.

Gibbs cited his own testing, which has revealed that Facebook’s mobile application continues to drain the life out of an iPhone’s battery even when it isn’t being actively used.

After removing the Facebook app from his iPhone 6s Plus, the author recorded the battery life at 10.30pm each day for a week. Comparing the numbers to a daily average taken from a week with the Facebook app installed, Gibbs has discovered that, on average, he had fifteen percent more battery left by 10.30pm each day without the app.

“I charged the phone overnight, taking it off the charger at 7.30am, and used it normally,” he explained. “I accessed Facebook for the same amount of time, and for the same purposes, using the social network’s excellent mobile site within Safari, as I had done using the app. I also left the Facebook Messenger app installed.”

Other iPhone owners who conducted a similar test all found similar results. A Facebook spokesperson told the British paper that the company is investigating the matter.

Similarly, deleting Facebook’s Android app can save up to twenty percent of an Android phone’s battery, which indicates that Facebook’s battery drain is not exclusive to iOS.

If you use the mobile Facebook app, you should reduce its reliance on background services by disabling the Location History feature (More → Nearby Friends → Gear icon → Location Settings → Location History) and turn off location tracking (iOS Settings → Privacy → Location Services → Facebook → Never).

TUTORIAL: How to disable Location History on Facebook to extend iPhone battery life

Facebook took a lot of heat last fall over the discovery that its mobile application was using dirty tricks to keep itself alive in the background even though it wasn’t being actively used. After admitting that a “bug” was causing unwanted behavior, Facebook claimed to have fixed the issue with an update.

But has it really?

Source: The Guardian

  • Rodney Coleman

    Funny I see this article on Google+

    Makes me curious….. I think y’all just get together and make these posts or copy another persons post.

    • Ducky

      Or The Guardian posted an article about something that we didn’t know, so other news sites post about the same issue so that their fan base gets the latest news as well. All news has to come from a source, that’s how it works

    • josinei

      duh. There is no problem in copying a post from someone else, as long the original source is given credit.

      • iPhoneWINS


    • Eminem

      if you read carefully its says source: The Guardian. everybody does it as long as its given credit to the source, thats how the news been doing it since 1900’s

  • Rares

    Does it help if I kill the app from the switcher or if i turn off background app refresh?

    • Ds

      no. there are articles here on IDB and other places that prove killing an app from app switcher and re-opening the app actually use even more battery than just leaving the apps in app switcher alone because iOS 9 has a “auto kill” function if I remember right. and turning off background refresh won’t help much with Facebook because most apps have to be in the background not doing anything for that to work. Facebook is more or less constantly running with the “bugs” they have so it is always refreshing even when you don’t want it to.

    • Zohar

      Yes it helps.

  • Satyam Panchal

    I’m using fb only on Safari.. I deleted fb app and now I don’t have to charge my iPhone 2 time a day ..

  • imvaid

    Just close the damn app after you are finished. Never had a battery problem doing just that!

  • David J Delgado

    I tried the FB app again a few days back and it ran A LOT better than before. This time around using it on Safari and using the app itself has been about the same as far as battery drain is concerned. That being said, I won’t be using the app anyway.

  • Mos Def

    Now, GRINDR sucks up all battery power! Talk about bugs!

  • altechi

    Force quitting does stop it, but you’ll end up using more by starting the app again, as opposed to leaving it in the background. As the app will have to boot up from start again.

    • Zohar

      And you’re right to keep your apps in the background. Systematically force quitting all your apps would be a bad habit. What I’m saying is in the case of Facebook, force quitting the app will make you spend a little more cpu cycles when reloading it, but it is negligible in regard of what the app consumes when staying in background.

  • altechi

    The bad thing about Facebook on safari is that you can’t zoom pictures, and on a small screen like the 5s that’s a big annoyance

  • iPhoneWINS

    I would do this but in safari its so cumbersome and slow