T-Mobile Family Match promotion

T-Mobile has just made its existing Family Match promotion a little more tempting. As was announced this morning, the carrier is offering data-hungry families up to four lines of unlimited LTE data for just $150 per month for the entire family, which works out to $37.5 per line.

“Now get 2 or more lines of Unlimited 4G LTE for the price of a 10GB plan, or 10GB for the price of 6GB,“ teases the carrier. And for a limited time, T-Mobile’s customers on a Simple Choice Family plan can get a fourth line at no additional charge.

In addition to offering families four lines with unlimited talk/text and 10 gigabytes of LTE data per line in exchange for $120 per month, you can sign up for two lines for $100 per month with 10 gigs per line for a 20 gig total, without data sharing.

Additional lines of unlimited LTE are available for $30 each, up to a total of 12 lines. The offer doesn’t have a pre-planned end date, though T-Mobile does state that families who sign up now can keep their Unlimited LTE rate plan for a minimum of at least two years with T-Mobile’s Un-contract and any other plan for as long as they’re a customer.

More details on this promotional offer can be found on the T-Mobile website.


These plans are available at T-Mobile stores, via their webstore or by calling 1-877-413-5903. The promo can be combined with the carrier’s existing Binge On, Data Stash, JUMP! On Demand, Mobile Without Borders and Music Freedom offers.

Source: T-Mobile

  • Tommy Gumbs

    I left ATT after 10 years. Went to T-mobile. This was also because I took a job in Spain and knew I would need international service. Well, I went and bought a iPhone 6 + 3 days before leaving the U.S. I get to Madrid and bam…….I had the worst service ever. Unusable! After complaining 3 times T mobile apologized and unlocked the phone. The moral of the Story……their service sucks….but at least they took care of me in the end.

    • Vince Reedy

      Their service is full of dead spots, almost useless inside buildings. Do me a favor and resist the temptation.

    • David J Delgado

      So you went to Spain and expected T-Mobile to provide you with excellent coverage? I’m confused… It’s a free service (free in the sense that everyone else charges for it. They include it into your plan) that is piggy backing off that countries local carrier and you blamed T-Mobile? They even advise you that it’s generally 2G coverage, sufficient to text or call. Did you expect to stream Netflix? In Canada the best I got was “4G” coverage, useable for what I needed it for. In Mexico I got 2G and it was enough to iMessage and text. In South Korea I got LTE for some odd reason. It’s a hit or miss but they tell you it’s 2G so it’s really dependent on that local carriers offering.

    • burlow

      i left at&t after about 10 years as well….went with t-mobile, and a month later took a trip to central america where they offer free unlimited (3g) roaming on local networks. It was amazing to be able to travel and keep my number etc and have data. their network is amazing where i live in the US, but yes travel to less populated areas and you roam – but at least they give you local roaming as well (although limited).

  • Jayy

    Sounds good, I hear T-mobile is best in large urban areas, I live in a large urban area. Now I just have to go have a family real quick before the offer ends lol

    • tariq

      i always have good service with tmobile. dont know why ppl complain about

      • Yujin

        Same here. In NYC near times Square and the service is good even in the old thick building I’m in.

      • Jack Wong

        If the carrier can’t even cover Manhattan, please forget them.

        This is what I believe, as long as I get good coverage at home and work, I don’t care who they are.

      • Jayy

        I’m on Sprint, and I’m from Boston. I never get dropped calls reception is not an issue, it’s just sometimes the LTE speeds in certain areas are disappointing. Sometimes it’s super fast others its a stuggle.

  • Blip dude

    Tempting, but T-mobile just outright sucks in the Suburbs, especially inside buildings.

  • Rodney Coleman

    T-Mobile sucks period

  • Rodney Coleman

    T-Mobile and sprint are on the same level. Sorry service and sorry selection of phones. Just samsungs and iPhones.

  • AwkwardApple

    Over the last year T mobile service has improved dramatically. Better service than my AT&T work phone.

  • David J Delgado

    I can attest to the fact that T-Mobile has drastically improved in the past few months. In 2014 when I would go out into Morris county (the boondocks of Northern NJ) the signal was OK, but nothing to brag about. By late 2014 LTE begun to take over and inside coverage became a non-issue. Now it’s 2016 and nowhere I go do I have an issue with service. Whether it’s in one of my schools buildings, my home (which was weak at one point), my job, out of the city or in the city, it works how it should. I have 0 complaints and when I drove down to Florida in March 2015 I lost signal once in a blue and it was always in the very rural middle-of-nowhere areas that I’m sure only Verizon would cover, Lol.

    • Rodney Coleman

      Yea sure……… Now try to travel with T-Mobile. Go to a different city or state. No data.